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Jim Thompson Thai House

Posted on: 26th February 2016

All About James Harrison Wilson Thompson:

Jim Thompson Thai House is a must if one wants a good insight into the life of James Harrison Wilson Thompson. Born in 1906, Thompson was an architect by profession who volunteered for the armed forces to serve his country during the time of WWII. During this time he got the chance to visit Thailand and fell in love with it.

How Jim Thompson Thai House Came About?

When Jim Thompson got discharged from the war forces he came back and began to work on a house. He observed that there are not many hotels whose services matched the international standards except The Oriental Hall; hence he became active in the re-organization of the Oriental Hall. At present the house has been converted to a museum; the house has six individual Thai houses made up of teak and as per records they were completed in 1959.

Jim Thompson: Other Contributions & Awards

He always believed that Thailand on a whole has a lot of potential and hence decided to revive the Thai silk industry; he founded his company which was named as Jim Thompson Thai Silk Company. James was also awarded the ‘Order of the White Elephant’ which is only awarded to foreigners who have contributed exceptionally in the development of Thailand.

The Legend of Jim Thompson


This legend started in 1967 when James went for a vacation to Thailand’s Cameron Highlands with his friends. It is said that one evening he went for a walk in the jungle and never came back. Though a search was conducted for weeks and months, James was nowhere to be found, Thompsons’s disappearance is still an unsolved mystery. In 1985 a skeleton without skull was discovered but it still has not been confirmed whether the bones belong to James or not.

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