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HRH Princess Sirindhorn Herb Garden

Posted on: 25th February 2016

The First Herbal Garden of Thailand
HRH Princess Sirindhorn Herb Garden is located on the route to Rayong from Chon Buri, just a short distance from Highway 36. This treasure trove of herb plants is the first of its kind in Thailand. Home to more than 20,000 herbal plants, this wedge-shaped garden is divided into 20 different sections.

Each section consists of plants that are grouped based on their purpose and use. The meandering pathways will systematically lead you to the various sections, allowing you to discover the benefits of a variety of herbs. There is a special bus at the garden which you can board for taking a tour of the place. There’s also an exhibition hall at the garden which was built in 2006 to commemorate the Princess’ 50th birthday.


Nutmeg Trees – Emblem of the Garden

Planted on 18th April, 1985, the nutmeg trees are a must-see during your visit to the HRH Princess Sirindhorn Herb Garden. Biologically named Myristica fragrans, the nutmeg trees have been chosen as the garden’s emblem. Mace and nutmeg are the two popular spices that are obtained from the seeds of this tree. The nutmeg trees along with all the other plants in the garden are well displayed and carefully attended. The display signs contain a wealth of important information and facts about all the herbal plants in the garden.

Take Home a Souvenir

You can walk around the garden and get a closer look at all the plants that interest you. You may even carry away some of these herbs if you want to. There is a gift shop at the garden where you can look through a range of products on display including tinctures, oils, dried herbs and herb products. Each of the items in the shop make for a unique gift and carries the local flavor of Thailand. Just make sure you have enough time to browse through the several products at the shop besides enjoying a drink at the nearby cafe.

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