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Hat Yai Observatory – A Great Astronomical Learning Center

Posted on: 26th February 2016

Hat Yai Observatory is one of the more popular tourist attractions in Hat Yai. It is located near the Hat Yai Municipal Park atop the Hat Yai Hill. This is an excellent learning place for the visitors, especially the kids. If you enjoy gazing at the stars at night, then this observatory is the ideal place for you to do so. Hat Yai Observatory is a very interesting place equipped with many intriguing photographs and illustrations about stars, planets and the entire universe. Self-driving in a rental car is the best way to get to the place as you’ll find other means of transportation anywhere between scarce to none. So, rent a car with us and enjoy the visit at such attractions in Hat Yai which cannot be reached by the means of public transport. A must-visit for adults and children alike, the Hat Yai Observatory is a place that can surely kindle curiosity in anyone.


The Innards of Hat Yai Observatory

Spanning an area of more than 760 sq. meters, the Hat Yai Observatory consists of two floors. It also has a dome-shaped roof or the planetarium dome that can open up to give a full view of the sky. Inside the observatory, there is an Astronomy Exhibition room with a capacity to house nearly one hundred people. Its primarily used for Cosmology or the study of the Solar System. You can also visit the built-in theater that projects a model display for the history of Astronomy and the Solar System. The Planetarium dome features thirty integrated telescopes known as ‘Newtonion’ that are specifically built for scoping during the nighttime. Hat Yai Observatory also has five individual telescopes for scoping during the daytime. A teaching room provides an E-Book service for accessing information regarding Astronomy. With screens showing interesting videos of the science behind the universe, the Hat Yai Observatory will keep you engaged throughout the duration of your stay.

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