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Gibbon Sanctuary

volunteer-in-gibbon-sanctuary Posted on: 25th February 2016

It is home to various animals but is most famous as gibbon sanctuary for it houses various rescued gibbons of varied sizes and ages. It is a safe haven for gibbons and other monkeys plus animals like dogs, bears, cats and fox etc where they are fed and cared for. Most of the gibbons in-stay were adopted as pets when babies, but as they grew they were either abandoned, victimized or were ignored; many have suffered life lasting injuries at the hands of their adopters. Visiting this place is a real treat for animal lovers as they get the chance to interact with its animal family up close. Visitors are also allowed to volunteer with a minimum one-month commitment period.

Story behind Gibbon Sanctuary’s Establishment

The sanctuary was initially a farm land established by a Late American named Bill Deters and his Thai wife Pharanee in early 1990s and their main purpose was to help recover the green cover of the region. The farm was spread in an area of about 35 acres and situated in Tak; this place had a village and a few hill tribes. The place was barren after years of deforestation but within ten years, the farm became a thriving place with about thousands of trees with around twenty one different fruit bearing trees and twelve different hardwood trees. All got changed when one day a hunter landed on their door step with a baby gibbon; they bought the baby for they knew doing otherwise might lead to unfavorable circumstances for the baby. This incident gave a new direction to their lives which finally led them to the idea of a sanctuary for rescued animals and hence is also called Highland Farm and Wildlife Refuge.

Opening Time: It opens daily

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