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Flow House Bangkok

Posted on: 26th February 2016

Flow House Bangkok is a place which tries to cover all the best ingredients of a good attraction and succeeds in doing so. It brings a fun filled activity setup and mixes it with an easy-going restaurant cum bar area where one can sit, relax and can order food and drinks. Located about 11 kilometers from Holiday Inn Resort Bangkok, reaching this location can be made easy by booking a rental car from us and that too at a lower cost. Advance reservation and booking assistance makes sure that one gets hold of his/her best-suited car hire deal in record time.


It is High On Beach Vibes!!

Flow House Bangkok is unique for it brings beach vibe to the centre of the city through its artificial wave machine which allows the visitors to do surfing and wakeboarding. It consists of an area where there is an inflatable ramp where this machine has been set up which through its jets, continuously keeps on flooding the ramp with loads of water, giving an impression of a sea wave.

It doesn’t matter whether one can surf or not, Flow House Bangkok provides instructors who train the visitors before their turn; the instructions given are one to one so that one find his/her feet at the new water sport really fast. Initially a person is given instruction using a rope and afterwards instructors keep on motivating and would help one with the correct posture essential to keep ones balance while surfing. Moreover, the inflatable ramp will break your fall without any possibility of injury. Flow House Bangkok allows an hour of constant surfing with a mixed ability group of about seven people.

Other Facilities

  • Pool for Kids -Sun-loungers
  • A Viewing Deck
  • A Bar which serves numerous things from cocktails to milkshakes to beers and offers a menu which offers food stuffs like burger and hotdog etc.

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