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Erawan Shrine

ERAWAN SHRINE Posted on: 19th February 2016

Erawan Shrine is a temple of Hindu god Brahma located in the premises of the Grand Hyatt Erawan. Even it is not a Buddhist pilgrimage yet, the famous Erawan Shrine receives more visitors than most of the temples in the Thai capital, Bangkok. A statue of Brahma with four faces is installed at the Shrine. The four faces of go Brahma represents the four virtues. Today, you can see a huge crowd of people who worship there from early in the morning till late at night. The devotees also offer flowers, fruits, wooden elephants and donate money to the temple. This money is further distributed to many charitable organizations.


History of Erawan Shrine

In 1950, the government of Thailand decided to construct a luxury hotel at the current location of Erawan Hotel. But soon, they started to face problems in the work and they had to stop the construction. Many laborers lost their lives during the construction and the superstitious workers refused to continue until the evil forces of the land were appeased. In 1956 after consulting astrologers, the shrine was constructed as a part of Hotel Erawan by the Thai Government. This solution worked and the deaths at the construction site stopped. In 1991, the international hotel chain Grand Hyatt bought the hotel and changed its name to Grand Hyatt Erawan Bangkok.

Practical Information

The Erawan Shrine is located at 494 Rajdamri Road and can be easily reached from anywhere in Bangkok with a car rental. The Erawan Shrine is open daily from dawn to 12 pm. On your visit to the shrine, you can also visit the CentralWorld Shopping Plaza which is located nearby.

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