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Dan Kwian Village

dan-kwian-village-korat Posted on: 25th February 2016

Located 15 kilometers from Korat, Dan Kwian is a village which is popularly known as ‘Land of Ceramics’ because of its distinctive rust colored pottery and ceramics. The place came into being in 1740 and is believed that it was initially started by Mon refugees, though these facts are not yet verified. Our Korat Airport car hire deals allow the travelers to move about Korat town in an economical way. Not only the deals are cheaper, but their quoted price also covers various inclusions offered by the suppliers like airport fee etc which is of great help in case one is picking the rental from Korat Airport.

dan-kwian village-korat

Special Clay Is the Source!

The clay that is found in this region is known for its quality of touch and ductile texture and a color that touches the tints of rust; collected from the nearby local river called Mun River, clay of such unique qualities unique to this region. The clay is given various shapes that ranges from pots, vases to wind chimes and many other unique and interesting items which are decorated with Thai paintings. The best part is that when these objects are exposed to the right heat the end products are really difficult to resist.

It Is High On Variety!

Moreover shopping in Dan Kwian Pottery Villa gives one access to a variety which is really difficult to decipher at first, but the variety never ceases to surprise. As one goes through the contents of the shops, it is really surprising to find that every shop has something new to offer. Moreover if one visits the shops that are located at the back of the stalls one may find something out-worldly. Since this place is known for its ceramics and handicrafts, Lan Dan Kwian Handicraft Centre is yet another option that one can go for.

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