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Christmas Celebrations in Buddhist Country – Thailand

Christmas Celebrations Posted on: 12th December 2014

From the glamour of Bangkok, full moon parties of Ko Pha Ngan, the beauty and multi-activity of Chiang Rai to the endless fun activities of Phuket, there is so much to see and do during Christmas season in Thailand. Christmas is widely celebrated in this Buddhist country, but more than a family festival, Christmas is a commercial festival in Thailand and it is celebrated everywhere from shopping malls, bars, nightclubs to local markets.


In December, the Thai climate is great and becomes one of the main reason to attract the visitors looking forward to spend their Christmas holidays in this island nation. For people with a tropical beach holiday on their mind, Pattaya and Phuket two most popular Thai destinations with Christmas and New Year preparations. Bangkok is the most favorite destination for tourists to celebrate Christmas and you can see huge shopping malls, shops, restaurants decorated for the festival inviting customers.

With the approach of Christmas on 25 December of the Christian calendar, there is a great excitement among the various Thai malls. All department stores, boutiques and restaurants are decorated with extravagant and flashy objects. Pine trees ornamented with garlands and glitter balls can be seen on various street corners. That’s not all, sellers and cashiers of shops and malls dress like a Santa, wearing a long red coat and a cap with white pompom to attract visitors.Cities of Thailand decorated in this way, it is not wrong to say that Thai celebrate Christmas like the Westerners.

Christmas is big business and most of the efforts are done to impress foreign visitors. After all, most of the tourists in Thailand are Westerners. If you are in Bangkok during these days, do not forget to take an evening stroll on Sukhumvit Road and capture the picturesque decorations covering the whole city.

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