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Chaweng Beach – Ko Samui

chaweng-beach Posted on: 25th February 2016

Chaweng Beach is the main attraction in Chaweng Town and one of the best beaches on Ko Samui Island. It attracts people not only for fine white sand, turquoise waters and beautiful landscape dotted with coconut trees, but also for various outdoor activities like swimming, surfing and beachside party. Plenty of bars and restaurants can also be found here. It is also one of the busiest beaches and numerous hotels are also located near the beach.


Things to do at Chaweng Beach

In the daytime, tourists can relax and sunbathe, enjoy swimming and play various beach sports on the 6 km stretch of the white sandy beach. Chaweng Beach is also famous for its lively nightlife and during nighttime, the Chaweng Beach transforms into a completely different place. At night, travelers can visit disco clubs, cabaret shows, drink cocktails in the pubs and can enjoy live music while having their dinner. Various shops are also located on the beach which sell various kinds of products including clothes, accessories, bags, gifts and souvenirs. Chaweng Beach is surrounded by various tourist attraction such as Big Buddha Temple and most of the places can be visited on the same day trip. Also Being surrounded by all types of accommodation options it can be a perfect base for travelers to start a journey on Ko Samui Island.

Useful Information

Renting a car in Ko Samui is a good choice because, first of all rates per day will be less as compared to cost of other hired or local transfer options, moreover, in case of break down or another unlikely event, the supplier will provide free help or even replacement. Hence, travelers who are looking for a comfortable journey and want to visit most its attractions such as Chaweng Beach, they are advised to book a car rental in Ko Samui.

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