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Chao Phraya River

Posted on: 26th February 2016

Chao Phraya River is about one kilometer from Holiday Inn Resort and is also known as ‘River of Kings’ as King Rama I used to call it. This place is an engrossing mix of old and young; it embraces the old temples and traditions with the same grace as it embraces the new age architecture and other modern changes brought about by the present era.

Chao Phraya River has been the backbone of Bangkok’s trade as it has been supporting the movement of goods from one place to another. Moreover it also acts as the cheapest mode to travel from one part of Bangkok to the other. It is about 225 miles long and its banks have been the location of Thailand’s capital for years now.


Chao Phraya River: Things You Should Know

There are five public water transport lines namely ‘local line’, ‘orange’, ‘blue’, ‘green-yellow’ and ‘yellow’ and are provided by a company named as Chao Phraya Express Boat company. These transport services remain available from 6 am till 7:30 pm and each is identified by the color of the flag they hoist. Of all lines, ‘local’ is the only one that stops at all 34 piers whereas other services stop only at selected stops.

Chao Phraya River: Other Options

In addition to these, ‘tourist boats’ are another option but they charge a bit higher. The difference in rates can be judged by the fact that ‘orange’ line costs 15 Baht and is also the only line that is available whole day whereas the tourist boats cost 150 Baht and their operate between 09.30am- 3:00 pm. Other options that allow one’s a chance to explore the river include hiring long-tailed boats or options of a river or dinner cruise.

For reaching the river, a car rental will not only prove economical but despite the hour, allows one to move about easily. Hence book a car rental with us at Holiday Inn Resort and enjoy a happy ride with an added assurance of inclusions like collision damage waiver and theft waiver plus freedom endowed by Unlimited Mileage.

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