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The Weird & Wacky Museums of Bangkok

Posted on: 22nd April 2015

An integral part of a country and its cultural heritage displaying artifacts related to the past, museums range in a vast category, from art galleries to war museums and from automobile museums to the prehistoric ones. Same as every place in the world, Bangkok also has its fare share of museums. Keeping aside the magnificent and fantastic ones, the city also has some weird and wacky museums to offer.


Starting with a museum which has seen a rise in popularity, the Batcat museum is the largest toy museum of the city. Situated in the Bangkapi area outside the city, this museum lays a strong emphasis on Batman and his entourage. Fans can see memorabilia from the days back when the character was initially developed. This museum houses a whopping total of 500,000 replica toys, games, magazines, costumes dating back till 1960. Apart from Batman the museum houses collections from Ironman, Superman, Antman, Ultraman and many more superheros. It’s not just for the kids but for everyone.

BATCAT Museum bangkok
Admission : Adult-250 baht; Children – 150 baht

Erawan Museum

Who could possibly miss out on the enormous statue of a three headed elephant seated on an equally huge mounting. This is the first sight to greet you as you visit the Erawan Museum of Samut Prakan. The image of this 29m high and 250 ton, three tusked elephant is something that you can not easily forget. Each of the museums three level represents a different part in the Thai culture. This places has it all from psychedelic decor and religious iconography to rare eastern antiques. Further divided into parts namely; Mysteries of the Underworld, Mount Meru’s Opulent Finery, Religious Relics within the Beast’s Belly and lastly The Gardens. Each level has its own significance and importance.

Admission : Adult & Children – 400 baht

Correction Museum

This one is undoubtedly the creepiest one in Bangkok, situated in an ancient maximum security prison of 1890. Here you can get to see how criminals were tortured back in the earlier days, and the imitation done by the authorities is commendable. Life sized mannequins have been used to recreate some of the ways in which punishment was given. Block Cell 6, an actual cell where inmates were tortured, is the main attraction which showcases exhibits in the most graphically intense way. Look at these illustration and use a bit of your imagination and try to recreate the scenes, as they might have happened.

Correction Museum-bangkok
Admission : Free for all.
If you’re visiting Bangkok and wish to do something unusual, then a visit to these museums is strongly recommended. Each museum is entirely distinct from the other and showcases things in the most extraordinary way. The list for weird and wacky museums in Bangkok does not end here, there’s more to come.

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