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Ban Phe

Posted on: 26th February 2016

Located in the province of Rayong, Ban Phe is described as a gateway to Ko Samet and its splendid beaches and though mostly people visits it mainly as a stopover while on their way to Ko Samet it is still worth a good stay. The place has a few things to offer which makes it more than just a stopover, starting with happy and welcoming locals. However the main surprise is its beaches which are as amazing as the beaches of Ko Samet; located three kilometers from the main town the beaches are lined with trees which makes them unique in their own sense.

Renting a car at Bowin Downtown can act as a cheap measure to travel through the district and explore about its attractions since car rentals are available for fairly low prices as compared to other sources of transportation. Hence, rent a car and have a serene drive to Ban Phe from Bowin Downtown.


Eat Drink Stay and Read

The quiet town of Ban Phe offers a few options of restaurants out of which the most popular and well-equipped is Christie’s which is actually a ‘bar & restaurant’ and is also not that pricy plus WIFI is available for free for the customers. There is also a book store called ‘Book Sky Reads’ from where one can buy a book to kill some time. Moreover the place has a good telecommunication coverage therefore internet access will be possible; hence one can also spend time going through their emails and all.

In addition to this the town also offers cheap accommodations and a few souvenir shops where one can have a go at numerous things from trinkets, key chains, blowfish lamps and most importantly the seashell products. Its proximity to Ko Samet makes it a good stay option, such that even on beaches one can find a place for a descent food and stay options. For instance, Lam Mei Pim houses a good number of 5-star resorts whereas beaches like Maerampung and Suan Son gives access to comparatively cheap restaurants and resorts.

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