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Ban Nam Khem Tsunami memorial Park

Posted on: 25th February 2016

Ban Nam Khem Memorial Park is a beautiful beach with a very clear and clean white sand and is an enjoyable place for a picnic spot, having restaurants and bars serving delicious Thai food. Ban Nam Khem Tsunami Park comprises of 5 parts, Resting area, Health area, Playground area and the Tsunami Memorial area. Tsunami Memorial area being the highlight of this place, represents names and pictures of almost 3,500 Thai’s and foreigners who lost their lives in the 2004 Tsunami attack.


A Tribute To Tsunami Victims

While on one side of the park stands a curved concrete wall representing Tsunami, another side leads to a path accompanied by clay walls representing names of the people who lost their lives. Opposite the sea, there is a large image of Buddha facing a memorial of the Thai King grandson and it’s back towards the sea. Memorial of the Thai King grandson is incorporated on a small fishing vessel as he lost his life in Tsunami. Before going on any voyage, the statue of Buddha is widely worshiped by the fishermen over here.

How to reach Ban Nam Khem Tsunami Memorial Park

Situated at a distance of 12.9 km from Takua pa, this place can be reached via Route 4 in approximately 22 minutes. So, if you want to spend some time in the memory of those who lost their precious lives at this place and also to have some fun at the beautiful beach, rent a car from Takua Pa and have an easy travel to Ban Nam Khem Memorial Park.

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