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Ban Chiang Archaeological Site

Ban Chiang Archaeological Posted on: 23rd February 2016

Discovered in 1966, Ban Chiang Archaeological site is deemed as one of the most important archeological sites in South Eastern Asia. Its significance can be deduced from the fact that it was declared UNESCO World Heritage site in 1992. Visit this Udon Thani attraction in a car rental; book in advance and take home the best deal both in terms of facilities and prices.

Tale behind Ban Chiang Archaeological site’s Discovery

It was discovered by Steve Young, a Harvard Anthropology student who was visiting the area in year 1966. It was discovered by sheer chance!! As per historical record and other sources it is said that Young tripped on a tree root while walking through the present site and fell face-first on the ground where his sight fell on an exposed piece of pottery. He identified it as an important cultural discovery and hence over the years excavations were made and the site’s big treasure trove was uncovered gradually.

Ban Chiang Archaeological site’s Highlights

Years of excavations have brought forward various objects of prehistoric importance which mostly includes pottery and objects belonging to Bronze Age-varying from jewelry to spears to ceramic dishes. Analysis of these objects has been refined over the years with an advancement of radiometric dating techniques and it has been established that the site is about 3500 years old. Other interesting deduction is that this place was inhabited for a continuous period of 2000 years and as per other Neolithic and Bronze Age discoveries the place was possibly a burial ground too.

Other major findings at Ban Chiang Archaeological site include the earliest evidence that points to the existence of wet-rice cultivation, domestication of cattle and chickens plus evidence that direct to the first-ever use and manufacture of metal tools. All the excavated objects with their stories have been exhibited at Ban Chiang National Museum. It opens on Mondays and Tuesdays from 9 am till 4 pm and 150 Baht is charged as an entrance fee.

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