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Bangkokian Museum

Posted on: 25th February 2016

Also known as Bangkok Folk Museum, it is one of the least known museums of Thailand. The museum consists of two wooden houses which are presented the way they were a few centuries back, where the furniture and other things of the houses have been fully restored with their historic feel intact. At the back of the houses there is also a museum that one might like.


Two Old Fashioned Houses

The first house is bigger in size than the other and also has a garden which despite the fact that the place is in a busy area is an epitome of placid. The ground floor of this house has dining rooms, offices, a library and the first floor has bedrooms and every nook and cranny of the house reflects the glory of the bygone century. The second house is smaller and was originally constructed in countryside as per the records. It was brought to Bangkok, after deconstruction and was resembled here in the city at the present location. The whole house is made up of teak wood and the most wonderful feature is that there are more windows than the area dedicated to walls which make it more airy and bright. Ground floor has offices and a small dining area whereas the first floor has bedrooms with a wax coated floor.

The Museum

The museum sits next to the two pristine houses where objects from various sources have been stored and is not of any historical importance. The upper floor has a gallery of clicks of Thailand and Bangkok in case one wants to glimpse what Bangkok looked like over the centuries.

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Opening Time: It opens from 10 am till 4 pm.

Admission Fee: No admission fee is charged.

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