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Yomjinda Walking Street – A Happening Place in Rayong

Posted on: 25th February 2016

Yomjinda Walking Street is among the most interesting places to visit in Rayong. Built as the very first street in the city, it was the most economic area of Rayong province. With an antique atmosphere, it gives visitors a feel of how the community used to look like a century ago.

Yomjinda Street is a fantastic place to explore the ancient architecture of the city. But it’s not only about the architecture, this age-old street has also been set up to present various activities by the locals such as traditional crafts and food fairs, dance, music and shadow puppets. The night market at Yomjinda Street is also worth a visit. So if you happen to be around Rayong downtown at night and have some free time, then don’t forget to check it out.


Enjoy an Evening at the Walking Street

Yomjinda Street is observed as a walking street every evening on the weekends, which means that people are not permitted to bring vehicles onto the street during this time at all. As you wander along the street, you’ll find a range of traditional Thai foods including the Pad Thai of Rayong as well as finger foods. Sketching and painting by street artists is a very common sight here and foreigners, of course, can join in the fun.

You can also take a look at the exhibitions showcasing the many antique objects and vintage vehicles that date back to a few decades. The gallery of Rayong city is also located here which you can visit to see ancient items such as pictures, kitchenware, furniture and books. Unlike Yomjinda Walking Street, this gallery is open daily from 9 AM to 6 PM.

Getting There

As Yomjinda Street is located within Rayong city, getting there won’t be difficult for you. From the bus terminal, it’s a straight drive down across the Sukhumvit Road and from there, you just need to go a block further before reaching the street. Do remember that the best time to enjoy at Yomjinda Street is a weekend evening.

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