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What Makes Thailand an Ideal Holiday Destination?

Posted on: 15th May 2015

Thailand is an internationally loved and heavily visited tourist destination. People from all over the world come and visit the nation in huge numbers. If you’re planning a trip to Thailand then these 7 reasons will justify that why should it be your next travel destination.

Thailand an Ideal Holiday Destination

Thai Food

This is one of the top most reasons why Thailand is the best travel destination as the country has a wide food menu which varies from city to city. The quality of Thai food that you get in the country is way much better than those served by any Thai restaurant in the world. There are more flavors and variety. Outdoor food joints can be found almost on every corner selling amazing food items at the cheapest prices. You can find food in Thailand at any time and at anyplace. Apart from this, there’s a vast variety of international food available. From Indian to Mexican food and even halal is served almost everywhere in the country.


Thailand Weather

Thailand has a tropical monsoon climate which is generally warm and sunny across the country, almost throughout the year. In Thailand, you can experience different seasons in different regions at almost the same period of time. The northern, central and north-eastern Thailand showcases three seasons (warm, rainy & cool), whereas the coastal and southern regions feature two seasons (warm & rainy). Here you can experience a variety of seasons and each and everyone has their own charm and appeal.

The Local Community

Thais are the most generous and excellent hosts you can ever meet. They’re always smiling, helpful and extremely polite. They are always ready to help you out, in case, you’re in a problem and will even translate something for you if don’t speak Thai. It is a really a safe place to travel. When in Thailand you will rarely hear about anyone stealing or causing any problems.

Ideal Location

Thailand is located at a very convenient spot and it’s easy to travel to various international destinations easily. It just takes 3 hrs to reach Hong Kong, 4 hrs to Bali, 2hrs to Singapore and it is ideally located in between Australia and Europe. So, if you happen to visit Thailand you have an option of visiting different countries in just a short time.

Picture Perfect Tropical Islands

Thailand boasts of some really magnificent beaches, where you can sit and relax on the sand for hours and even go for a swim. You can easily discover some picture perfect and pristine beaches, and islands spread all around. Ko Chang, Surin Island, Ko Kood, Ko Lanta and Ko Adang are the country’s best beaches.

The Lush Green Jungles

As much as you’ll enjoy chilling on the beaches, you’ll love hiking through the jungles because Thailand has the most adventures and beautiful hikes to offer. The elephants and jungles at Khao Yai National Park, Khao Sok Lake in the south and famous jungle treks close to Chiang Mai offer you a tropical jungle experience in the best possible way. The jungles render fantastic views, waterfalls, dense forests and a wide variety of flora and fauna.

An International Environment

Thailand is a world famous tourist destination and receives tourists from all over the world. A large number of foreigners live in Thailand, as a result there are a large number of international restaurants, food chains and stores can be found. Being a melting pot of different ethnicities, it is an international and cosmopolitan country. So just pack up your bags and get ready to visit Thailand and be dazzled by its charm. Everyone can find something here which will be cherished forever.

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