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Wat Sala Loi

Posted on: 25th February 2016

Wat Sala Loi temple was built by Thao Suranaree or Khun Ying Mo and her husband Mr. Thongkham in 1820s; it includes clay work depicting the life of Buddha and was declared the most important religious building in 1973. The place is located on the north-east of the old town about 500 meters from Rop Mueang Road. If one is disembarking at Nakhon Ratchasima Airport, one can easily start their journey in a car rental by visiting this attraction as it is just 35 minutes away from the airport. Use our online search form and get access to the finest Korat car hire deals.


A Bit about Its Structure

The old chapel still exists and the wall which was built some 170 years ago is well-kept; the main chapel or the Phra Ubosot, i.e. the monastery temple was constructed in 1967 in the form of Chinese junk. It has been appreciated a lot for its modern design, during the construction a white standing image of Buddha which is called Luang Phor Khao was also created and is now placed in the main prayer room.

Just like old chapel, the main chapel houses numerous Buddha images other than Luang Phor Khao in varied sizes. The monument also includes a pool at whose center, statue of Khun Ying Mo in praying position can be seen; there is also a pagoda close by which at one time was the resting place of Lady Mo for it used to contain her ashes.

What Else?

The temple has a stunning double Thai roof and the door is made up of metal with reliefs depicting the tale of life of Lord Buddha. At various points throughout the year the place comes alive when a large crowd of devotees dance and chant to express their elation. Another interesting fact is that the place was decorated using clay tiles from Dan Kwian pottery village which is located nearby and can be found on the way to Chok Chai.

Opening Time: Daily 08:30 am till 4:30 pm

Admission fee: Free

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