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Wat Phayap Temple

Posted on: 25th February 2016

Wat Phayap Temple is a spiritual venue, situated at the heart of Korat. This small temple’s interior comes across as a beautiful surprise as it is built like a cave where real natural rock formations like stalactites and stalagmites have been plastered to its walls. It has various Buddha images plus a statue of king Narai who is remembered for his brave and thoughtful actions that were helpful in earning complete freedom for Thailand.


Story Behind its Creation

There is a very interesting story behind Wat Phayap Temple’s creation. A cave in Saraburi Province of Thailand was being blasted; when the abbot of the temple came to know about it he brought back all the things which according to him were the most distinguishing features of that cave. Once the deed was done, abbot converted his shrine’s ground floor into a cave for which stalactites and stalagmites were plastered to the roof and with time the place got its present outlook.

Other Important Highlight:

Statue of King Narai: The statue is important because it was during the reign of this Ayudhayan King that Korat was rebuilt as a frontier city so as to defend the country from Burmese attacks that were made along Mekong.

Murals on the northern wall of the building

How to Get There?

The place is about ten minutes from the monument of Lady Mo or Thao Suranaree and is also very close from city center such that one can reach it easily on foot. Since Lady Mo’s Monument is about 2 kilometer from Korat, it is advisable that one shall include a rental vehicle in their plan of action. Book a Korat car rental with us and detour in and about the city with offered inclusions like Unlimited Mileage and local taxes.

Opening Time: Opens at Dawn and closes at Dusk.

Admission Fee: No fee is charged, though donations are accepted.

Note: This is a fully functional temple, hence if there are devotees in the temple one should maintain silence

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