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Wat Matchimawat

Posted on: 26th February 2016

The Most Important Temple in Songkhla
Wat Matchimawat, also known as Wat Klang, is one of the oldest and largest temples of Thailand as well as the most important temple in Songkhla. Located close to the center of the old town on Sai Buri Road, it was built around 400 years ago during the Ayutthaya period. It is believed that Yai Si Chan, who was a millionaire in the city at that time, donated a huge amount of money for the temple’s construction. The temple was initially named Wat Yai Si Chan. Later on, Wat Pho was built to its south and Wat Liap to its north. The name Wat Yai Si Chan was changed by the locals to Wat Matchimawat or Wat Klang (Klang means middle) due to its central position between the other two temples.


A Tour of the Temple Grounds

Although Wat Matchimawat itself dates back to 400 years, its big and imposing ubosot was constructed in the late 19th century. Next to this ubosot towards the south, there is a wiharn that elegantly combines Chinese and European styles. This is now being used as the dining hall of the temple. A wiharn to the north of the ubosot houses a branch of the Songkhla National Museum. Its exhibits include ceramics from Europe and China together with a statue of Ganesh – the elephant headed God, showcasing the significance of Songkhla as a trading hub. The main buildings of Wat Matchimawat are all found on the eastern half of the grounds while the western half is mainly occupied by gardens and open grass. There is a small brick arcade located at one corner. Opposite the arcade is a library set in a small cluster of buildings. It is used for the safekeeping of Buddhist texts which are usually written on palm leaves.

Useful Information

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