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Udon Thani Provincial Museum

Udon Thani Provincial Museum Posted on: 24th February 2016

Opened in 2004, Udon Thani Provincial Museum has a very impressive façade which possesses a structure pertaining to neo-Palladium style. This two storey building has six rooms on each floor where different aspects of Udon Thani’s makeup have been exhibited.


Udon Thani Provincial Museum’s First Floor

  • Get hold of ‘their’ informative brochure at the reception area; have a look at the ancient weapons and guns exhibited at the visitor’s center.
  • Have a look at Natural elements and fossils which also include Dinosaur bones etc at ‘Nature Study and Geological Room’.
  • History of Udon Thani’s earliest settlers is recreated through a village scene, where figures wearing traditional clothes have been exhibited along with pottery and hunting weapons etc at ‘Anthropological and Racial Room’.
  • Pottery, human skeletons, Buddha images and bronze ornaments etc excavated at Ban Chiang village and Phu Prabat Historical Park can be seen at ‘Historical and Archeological Room’.
  • An old weaving machine which was used to make Mhi Khid cloth and Khid silk is the highlight of Culture and Arts Room.
  • Sixth room is dedicated to the founder of Udon Thani- Prince Kromluang Prajak Silapakthom; have a look at his works including the drawing that he created during the initial phases of city’s designing.

Udon Thani Provincial Museum’s Second Floor

  • First room is dedicated to the founder of Udon Thani- Prince Kromluang Prajak Silapakthom; his life history can be accessed here along with few of his personal belongings.
  • In ‘Ban Chiang and Phu Prabat Cultures Room’, the ancient life style of people in Ban Chiang and Phu Prabat villages is conveyed through paintings.
  • 3rd and 4th room contains photographs (which also cover official visits) and life stories of Thai Royals.
  • Last two rooms were dedicated to Udon Thani’s most revered monks.

Opening Hours: Mon-Fri, 8am to 4:30pm; Sat-Sunday, 8am to 4pm

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