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Touring the Fascinating Museums of Bangkok

Posted on: 27th March 2015

The city of Bangkok is filled with countless museums, some of which are interesting and weird but never the less they certainly do not fail to amaze you. It is certainly not possible to tour and explore all these museums in a short trip, so why go through the trouble? Instead, here are some of the must- visit museums in Bangkok.

National Museum Bangkok

The National Museum Bangkok was founded in 1874 by King Rama V, with the main objective to preserve the cultural and artistic heritage of Thailand and the treasures of his predecessors. Initially, the museum was located within the grounds of the Royal Palace, but later moved to the Palace Wang Na. A traditional Thai 18th century building, this museum attempts to take you back in time, through various ancient civilizations with the help of Thai, archaeological and art objects. Royal furniture, weapons, ceramics and musical instruments among jewels and royal treasures are displayed here.


Boats Royals Museum Bangkok

Formerly, numerous ceremonies were held in the river Chao Phraya. For these ceremonies the Royals used boats which were quite large and flashy. These vessels, which in the current times are used rarely, can be seen in the Museum of the Royal Boats, situated on the banks of Bangkok Noi Canal. The crown jewel of the museum is the boat called Suphannahong, which is characterized by carrying on the bow a large golden swan head. It also has other equally impressive and luxurious boats, used by the Thai royalty.


National Gallery Bangkok

Thailand is not a country that stands out primarily for its art, but certainly this opinion will change when visiting the National Gallery in Bangkok. The museum was opened in 1974 to exhibit works of traditional Thai art from the 17th century to more contemporary works. Near the main entrance is the Celebration Hall where several works of the kings of Thailand are preserved. The museum is spread over two floors and if you are in the mood to check out the artistic and aesthetic skills of the king, this is a must- visit place.


Jim Thompson House Museum

This enclosure is composed by a charming garden and sanctums where in its interior there is the house of Jim Thompson, re-converted to a museum. It is an excellent place to hide from the sun during the hottest hours in Bangkok and visit a legacy that this American man has left behind him in the capital of Thailand. This elegant town house, located along the side of the canal, is a beautiful residence that houses 6 houses of teak wood in a traditional style, where you can adore his collection of Southeast Asian Art.


Trained Architect and a collector of Asian art objects by hobby, Jim Thompson was established in Thailand after doing military service in his country and devoted over 30 years to revive the Thai silk industry. Among all this, he kept his collection of art and antiquity that really fascinated him in his life and it filled his house. After his successful life, in 1967 he embarked on a solo journey to explore the mysterious jungle of Malaysia and disappeared into the jungle forever, leaving the people of Thailand all his artworks and collections.

Be sure to visit these museums on your next trip to Thailand. Witness some very interesting ancient, modern and vintage artifacts here.

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