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Thai Myanmar Friendship Bridge

Posted on: 25th February 2016

Constructed in 1997, Thai Myanmar Friendship Bridge stands over Moei River and holds an immigration office as it serves as the link between the two countries, specifically Mae Sot district of Thailand and Myanmar. ‘Mae Sot’, being the trade passage between Burma and Thailand, is a place full of possibilities. Owing to its resourcefulness, it is not surprising that it has been attracting people of different ethnic backgrounds like a magnet.

No Wonder Thai population in Mae Sot is really small when compared to the number of refuges, Burmese migrants, Karen and Mon-residents it accommodates; yet Moe Sot with its warmth and friendliness doesn’t appear out of its depth at all. Mae Sot streets speaks for its splendid cosmopolitan character, a thriving scene where this convergence of ‘different cultures’ gives rise to a robust life-oozing and colorful atmosphere.


One of the Easiest Border Crossings in the World

One can take a shuttle or a shared pickup to Friendship Bridge which is called songthaew in Thai. Yet one should note that nothing can beat travelling experience with a car rental at hand. Contact our booking support team to know more about renting vehicles in Mae Sot and the benefits which come in tow with the offered deals.

On reaching one can show the passport and the visa departure card attached with it; the officials may ask you a few questions before granting visa. Though one should keep in mind that if the visa is granted one is allowed to stay in Myanmar for 28 days, after which a fine of 500 baht per day is levied.

Rim-Moei Market- a nearby must visit

This market is located partly under the Thai Myanmar Friendship Bridge on the banks of Moei River. This place has a lot of things on offer, for example merchandise like Buddha statues, jewelry and furniture mostly comes from Myanmar, cheap electronics which usually come from China and various local products. If one is really interested in merchandise the place is specially known for Myanmar jade and garnet.

Opening Time: Daily, 6 am till 6 pm

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