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Road side Doi Muser Hill tribe Market

Posted on: 25th February 2016

Known for its traditional products brought about by the hill tribal people, this market is situated on the banks of Maenam Moei or Moei River on the midway from Tak to Mae Sot or vice versa. This market also provides access to precious stones like jade and garnet in addition to farm produce like fresh fruits and vegetables, cloths and silver items or other tribal handicrafts etc at a great price.

It is located midway between Tak and Mae Sot and the market stalls appear on both the sides of the highway 12. Hill tribe market opens daily and seated in the midst of a postcard-like mountainous backdrop it is the best place to shop which is not only high on variety but also is known for its reasonable price ranges.


How to Get There?

As stated above, the market place is spread on both the sides of the Highway road on which it is located, Highway number 12. Take the highway road from Tak and look for a landmark- the ‘Doi Muser Hill Tribe Cultural/Development and Welfare Center’ which would certainly prove to be a good stop if one decides to stop. 840 meters high Doi Muser is home to Lisu, Lahu and Maew hill tribes and hence through this research and cultural center one can have a close look at these tribe’s life and culture. Therefore in addition to the market one can also witness things ranging from ‘crops like coffee, tea and fruits’ which these people grow to refreshing cultural performances that are must if one wants a close look at their culture. Just up the road from here at 29 kilometer marker is where the Hill-tribe market starts.

Opening Time: Daily, 5 am till 4 pm

Grab this opportunity to know more about Mae Sot and give this shrine a try; a car hire in Mae Sot would also allow one to visit many of such unique attractions of the town. It is highly recommended, and is just an hour drive from Mae Sot airport in case one wants to visit the place right away in his/her hired vehicle.

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