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Ripley’s Believe It or Not

Posted on: 4th March 2016

‘Ripley’s Believe It or Not’ is certainly the most unusual yet entertaining place to visit while in Pattaya and is located on the second floor of Royal Garden Plaza which is really is close to Pattaya beach as well as the Walking street.

It has about ten galleries which are store house to numerous mind-boggling things like picture of a four eyed man, mini-replica of Titanic which has been created by using match-sticks and much more.

It is not just a repository of the strangest yet interesting 350 and so things, it is also home to a 4D Theater and other segments that include a maze, a haunted house and waxworks.

Ripley’s 4D Moving Theater
It uses the state of art technology to bring people a quality real life like experience. It uses an approx 70 millimeters screen, the best in industry surround sounds and seats that can move in almost eight directions and hence can enhance the movie experience promising a fun filled experience. They create really believable visuals like rainy scene with real rain and a snake slithering on one’s leg etc; this make this visual reality a must.

Ripley’s Infinity Maze is the maze that is beautifully and competently set up by professionals where through lighting, color and sounds a very believable illusion of the universe is created.

Ripley’s Haunted Adventure is the much feared part of Ripley’s and has been set up like a large coffin and its every nook and cranny is brimming with monsters, demons and ghosts.

Loius Tussaud’s Waxworks houses wax statues of various World renowned personalities like Obama, Princess Diana, Batman, David and Victoria Beckham and Tiger’s Wood etc.


Cost and Timings:

Whole day package includes entry fee of 880 Baht per adult and 780 Baht per child. Ripley’s opens daily from 11 am till midnight

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