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Rayong Aquarium

Posted on: 25th February 2016

Rayong Aquarium is one of those tourist attractions in Thailand where people of all ages can come and enjoy to the fullest. Plenty of sea creatures are there to look around and this is the best place to learn about how these creatures live. The aquarium is separated into both indoor as well as outdoor sections.

Aside from being clean, it is also organized well enough for the visitors to look around easily. One of the great things about Rayong Aquarium is that the entrance fee is the same for both locals and foreigners – around 30 Baht for adults and around 10 Baht for kids. In case you feel hungry, there is the well-known Ban Phe Market located just a 5-minute drive from the aquarium where you can get a variety of seafood. Book a Rayong car rental with us at Thailand Cars Rentals and take home the best priced deal with an open option of one-way rental. Our suppliers offer a big fleet of cars which results in competitive prices and further allow comparison so that one can choose the right deal accordingly.


The Indoor Section of the Aquarium

The indoor section at Rayong Aquarium offers 43 large tanks with several beautiful aquatic lives. Each tank is labeled with a picture of the marine animals it contains along with their names in both Thai and English. Unfortunately, the details of the various sea creatures inside the tanks are all provided in Thai only.

The transparent tunnel is the most attractive element inside the Rayong Aquarium. When you walk along this tunnel, you get a chance to look closely at all the marine animals including horseshoe, crab, cuttlefish and many other species of fish.

The Outdoor Section of the Aquarium

With ponds of various sea creatures, the outdoor section at Rayong Aquarium is also equally interesting. Here, you’ll get to see the larger species of fish such as ray and shark. A wide variety of turtles can also be seen in this area. In addition to turtles and sharks, other underwater marine lives such as starfish and sea cucumber also draw the attention of visitors.

The outdoor section is not just about the living creatures. You can visit the on-site museum housing shells, fossils and information regarding extinct marine animals. There is also an exhibition showcasing the life of fishermen as well as the local fishing tools.

Opening Time:

Monday-Friday: 10am to 4pm
Weekends: 10am to 5 pm

Admission Fee:

Adult – 30 Baht
Child over height of 120 cm – 10 Baht

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