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Rawai Village

Posted on: 18th February 2016

Rawai village is a small, but very beautiful village located almost 40 km from Phuket. Originally, it is a fishing village and most of the people in the village are fishermen. Today, Rawai Village is very popular among travelers for its beautiful nature, nice beaches and amazing nightlife. Rawai receives many tourists from Chang Mai and Bangkok. It also hosts people from Phuket who come here on Sundays for a picnic. It also has some banks, supermarkets, hotels and massage parlors which can serve all the basic needs of the tourists. The Rawai Village is a must visit place for those travelers who are looking for seclusion and peace on their holiday.


A Holiday in Rawai Village

The beaches at Rawai are dotted with oak and coconut trees. In this fishing village, you will find many restaurants, bars and a bakery with a fine menu and reasonably priced food. Visitors can also enjoy a wonderful nightlife in one of the many pubs and bars which are located along the coastal road. But, no discos or clubs are located here. Beer and other alcoholic beverages are also very cheap here. You can also rent a fishing boat or a long tail boat for sailing and you can also enjoy swimming or snorkeling.

Useful Information

There are numerous attractions and activities are available in Rawai Village but you must see the lifestyle of local people which are called Moken. Moken is a tribe of sea gypsies. You must also visit the Sea Gypsies Fish Market where you will find very fresh seafood and it will also provide a chance to get close to the locals. To reach the Rawai Village comfortably at your own terms, book a car rental in Phuket with us.

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