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Pattaya – Rich Cultural Heritage

Posted on: 27th March 2015

Pattaya is a very important tourist destination in Thailand, located on the eastern shore of the Gulf of Thailand, 165 km south-east of the capital – Bangkok. There is a lot to do and see in this amazing city. Apart from the beaches, there are a lot of attractions that are worth a visit.

Sri Racha Tiger Zoo

This small zoo, located 30 minutes from Pattaya, was opened in 1997. On its territory live many different animals, like elephants, bears, deer, camels, monkeys. You can even avail the opportunity to feed the animals, hold hands or even take pictures with them. The entry ticket for the zoo cost 300 baht (adults) and 150 baht (children) and is open daily from 9:30 am till 6:00 pm.


Sanctuary of Truth

Sanctuary of Truth, also known as Wang Boran, is a 105-meter wooden church, which is designed to elaborate contemporary spiritual art in Pattaya. It is built in a style reminiscent of the age-old Khmer architecture, and is totally covered with hand carved wooden sculptures. The premise has four groups representing the images related to the Hindu and Buddhist religion, and mythology of India, Cambodia, Thailand and China respectively. The initial purpose of the church is to use art and culture as “a portrayal of the Eastern view of the world, ancient knowledge and Eastern philosophy”. Entrance fee to the Sanctuary of Truth is 500 Baht per person (both for Thai nationals and foreigners).


Buddha Hill

Buddha Hill, located between Thappraya Road and Pratamnak Road, is one of the most visited tourist attraction in Pattaya. At the top is the biggest Buddha Statue. The nearby hill, located directly across the Pratamnak Road, offers the best view of the bay on the coast of Pattaya, and is worth a visit, especially to watch the sunset.

Buddha- Hill

Wat Yansangwararam

The temple complex of Wat Yang and Park is 30 km from Pattaya. It is a favorite place of rest and meditation for Buddhists under the patronage of the Thai royal family and is considered miraculous. The mountain Kau Chi Chang, showcases the largest image of Buddha seated, inlaid with gold plates, stacked and specially carved into the rock face. The height of the image is about 160 meters. A few kilometers from the mountain is Wat Yang, one of the largest temple complexes in Thailand, which brings together churches of different ages and styles not only from Thailand but also from China and India. In the temple, you can get acquainted with the history of Buddha’s enlightenment, described in numerous paintings.


So, why to wait any longer, pack your bags and head off on a terrific journey and explore Pattaya and the amazing attractions it has to offer. Pattaya is a city rich in culture and definitely deserves to be explored by everyone visit Thailand.

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