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Ko Kho Khao

Posted on: 25th February 2016

Ko Kho Khao is also known as the “Secret Island” for having a limited number of resorts, restaurant and bars, but is gaining popularity with time.

Not included in the list of overcrowded islands, Ko Kho Khao has achieved in maintaining a peaceful scene. For people expecting a holiday at a peaceful place with all the amenities like resorts, restaurants along with a pretty sea sight, Ko Kho Khao will be the perfect destination for them.


Know more About Ko Kho Khao

With 3 Buddhist temples, the Ko Kho Khao island is home to a large number of Buddhist people. Apart from tourism, Ko Kho Khao is also famous for its fruits, rubber and palm oil plantations. It also has an archaeological site known as Tung Tuk where several ancient pottery, jewelry, Buddhist and Hindu Sculptures have been excavated. To the north of the island, there are small yet pretty waterfalls in addition to overgrown airstrips that were once used by the Japanese during the Second World War. Most of the high-end resorts are located to the south of the island.

How To Reach Ko Kho Khao

Being at a distance of 28 km from Takua Pa, this place can be reached via Route 4 in an hour. Those who need a break from their day-to-day stressful life, Ko Kho Khao island can serve as a great destination for them. So take advantage of our car rental service in Takua Pa and enjoy the ride to Ko Kho Khao, the “Secret Island.

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