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Khao Sok National Park – The Guilin of Thailand

Posted on: 26th February 2016

Khao Sok National Park is right there amongst Thailand’s most beautiful national parks. It is located in Surat Thani province, about 75 km from Khao Lak and can be reached via Route 4 and Route 401 (a little over an hour’s drive). Due to its biological diversity and majestic scenery, the park is also known as the ‘Guilin of Thailand’. On 22nd December 1980, Khao Sok was declared Thailand’s 22nd national park by the Royal Forest Department. Spanning an area of about 740 sq. kilometers, the park covers parts of Khlong Pra Sang and Khlong Yee forests. Khao Sok National Park teems with a wide range of flora and fauna, and with plenty of waterfalls, caves, hiking trails and viewpoints, it is definitely worth taking a few days to explore this natural wonder.


Exploring Khao Sok National Park

You can enjoy exploring around at Khao Sok National Park and have lots of fun in the pools and rivers with an inflated inner tube. For the best experience, you are advised to visit during the rainy season as the water levels begin to rise. You can easily explore the jungle in the park even if you’re traveling alone, provided you stay on the pathways and trails. If you don’t feel confident enough exploring alone, you can hire a tourist guide at one of the park offices. One of the main attractions for nature lovers at Khao Sok National Park is the elegant palm ‘Kerridoxia Elegans’. Don’t forget to carry some insect repellents if you’ll be visiting during the monsoon months of May to December. Also, you should go prepared for the unexpected variations in temperature as it can get unusually cold in the rainforest at night.

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