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Khao Lak–Lam Ru National Park

khaolak-lamru-national-park Posted on: 26th February 2016

Among the most popular national parks in Phang-Nga province, the Khao Lak–Lam Ru National Park spans a total area of about 125 sq kilometers along the western shoreline. Located approximately 33 km from Amphoe Takua Pa on Highway Number 4, the park includes parts of Takua Pa, Kapong, Thai Muang and Phang-Nga Town districts.

A Must-Visit for Nature Lovers

Khao Lak–Lam Ru National Park offers an abundance of sightseeing opportunities for the lovers of nature. Here, you will get to see lots of wildlife and exotic plants amidst a beautiful landscape that includes hills, mountains, beaches, forested valleys, estuaries and mangroves. One of the many points of interest at the park is the Kao Lak mountain. It is located by the sea with a charming Chinese temple that lies near Thai Muang district, dedicated to the mountain’s wizard. With so much to offer, one shall cover this strip of land at a leisurely pace, in which case a Khao Lak car rental proves to be the best solution. Book with us and take home a cheap car hire deal for Khao Lak equipped with facilities like unlimited mileage and airport fee.


Exploring the Park’s Headquarters

The headquarters of Khao Lak–Lam Ru National Park is located on the headland of Leam Hin Chang, about 50 meters off Highway 4 just south of Khao Lak. Once you enter the grounds, you’ll find that there are quite a few things you can do to keep yourself busy. You can take the path to your left that leads down to a wonderful viewpoint and ultimately to a small but beautiful sandy ‘Lek Beach’. This could be quite a walk, so you’re advised to take along sufficient drinking water, a pair of good shoes and some insect repellent. But eventually, you will be rewarded by the refreshing seclusion and the beautiful coral of the beach. For something more sedate, you can head to the restaurant lying just a few meters from the main gate. A delicious meal paired with delightful hillside views across the Andaman Sea will make your day all the more memorable.

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