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Khao Lak Beach – An Ideal Destination for a Day Out

Posted on: 26th February 2016

Located 5 km south of La On Village, this is the most southern beach in Khao Lak where the waves and woods come together. This stretch of sand could quite possibly be the most shaded in the area. Lining the edge of this beauteous beach are the numerous stately trees with their branches reaching out for the sea. Blocking the Khao Lak Beach from its neighbors to the north is a headland that is untraversable on foot, resulting in patches of absolute vacancy. There’s not much to see nearby except a few resorts. Plus, you won’t find any vendors wandering around nor any beach chairs available for rent. Nevertheless, the Khao Lak Beach offering plenty of opportunities for relaxation and recreation still proves to be a great spot for a weekend break.

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What and Where to Enjoy at Khao Lak Beach

Just a short distance away from the Briza Beach resort, Khao Lak Emerald Beach Resort and Khao Lak Merlin, visitors to Khao Lak Beach can choose between the many seafood restaurants, a couple of bars, an Italian eatery and two convenience stores. Directly across the Khao Lak Emerald Beach resort is a popular bar by the name of Mr. Tiger where you can enjoy some snacks and drinks. You can also visit any of the two on-site massage parlors that offer the ultimate relaxation with charges appreciably lower compared to those at the surrounding resorts. If you ever want to escape the hassles of city life in Thailand and experience a quiet, secluded and self-contained holiday, the Khao Lak Beach is just the right place for you to be at.

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