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Khao Laem Ya – Mu Koh Samet National Park

Posted on: 26th February 2016

Khao Laem Ya – Mu Koh Samet National Park is located 200 Kilometers south east of Bangkok in the province of Rayong and has been in existence since 1981 when the Royal Forest Department gave it the national park status. The national park covers an area from archipelago of Samet, 11 kilometers of Mae Ramphueng Beach in addition to the headland of Khao Laem Ya. Thailand Cars Rentals exclusively offers rental cars at Bowin Downtown for cheap prices so that everyone can have a comfortable experience while traveling through the city. So rent a car and explore more about Bowin and it’s attractions.



This place has many tourist attractions that one can get access to while visiting the national park

  • Mae Rum Peung Beach: This beach’s most spectacular feature is its white sand in addition to the fact that it is also the longest beach on the eastern side of Rayong. Located in close proximity to National Park’s Headquarters, its 12 kilometers of sandy beach has been a hit with holiday-makers for long now.
  • Samet Island: Samet island group consists of many islands out of which Samet Island is the biggest covering an area of about 6.27 square kilometers. This island is full of beautiful beaches and bays and gets its name from a tree species which grows here and is found in both red and white colors.

An Interesting Fact about the Park

It is a widespread belief that some 150 years back, the place which is now Kho Laem Ya-Koh Samet National Park became the inspiration behind a poet’s work which made him immortal. The poet’s name was Sunthorn Phu and his epic poem that immortalized him was Phra Aphai Manee which is full of stories of men, sages, mermaids and giants etc. It is really exciting for one can actually see the place whose surreal beauty led to such a beautiful piece of literature.

Admission fee: Adults- 200 Baht, – 100 Baht

Opening Time: 8:30 am to 4:30 pm

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