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Khao Khanap Nam – Twin Mountains of Krabi

Posted on: 22nd February 2016

Khao Khanap Nam is one of the most famous places and a natural gateway to Krabi. It is a couple of limestone hills which are almost 100 meters high and standing in the Krabi River. Inside these hills, you can find numerous magnificent caves, stalactites and stalagmites. These caves were once home to ancient colonies, and visitors can also see several archeological objects and cave paintings. Several human skeletons can also be found in these caves. It is believed that the skeletons are of those people who may have trapped here and died in the flood. Khao Khanap Nam is so popular that is regarded as the landmark of Krabi.


Other Attractions near Khao Khanap Nam

After visiting Khao Khanap Nam, you can also see the nearby Mangrove Forest and the fishing village of Ko Klang. At the fishing village, you can also see a local art center and a museum. You will also get the opportunity to buy some souvenirs directly from the locals.

Practical Information

The best way to reach Khao Khanap Nam is to hire a car in Krabi and drive to the Chao Fah Bridge from where you can take a boat and complete the rest of the journey. A boat-ride from the bridge will take around 15 minutes before you arrive at the hills. Do not forget to take water bottles with you. Also, take sunglasses, hat and sunscreen lotion with you.

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