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Hua Hin Beach

Posted on: 26th February 2016

The Hua Hin Beach is one of the major reasons why so many vacationers like to visit this seaside resort city. Some of them spend their entire day rubbing sun tan while some indulge in water activities. It is usually quiet on weekdays but come weekend, locals and tourists descend the beach in large numbers. Hua Hin Beach is easily accessible from anywhere in the town. The most convenient route is walking along the Damroen Kasam Road that leads past the various stalls and the Sofitel hotel, bringing you amidst the sun beds and restaurants of the beach. Also, there are signposts around the town which should get you comfortably to Hua Hin Beach. By renting a car in Hua Hin, one can follow any route, explore to one’s heart content and reach his desired destination in a more convenient manner.


At Hua Hin Beach

The fine and sandy Hua Hin Beach stretches for several kilometers. The quality of the sand is good with plenty of space on the wide shore to walk and play. Swimming is quite safe as the water is not deep enough. As you head south along the shore, you’ll find sun beds, palm trees, restaurants and places to relax. Most visitors linger around in this area as food and refreshments are easily available and also there are many things to do nearby. Moving further south from here, Hua Hin Beach gets less crowded, but you can find a few popular spots along the way.

Where to Eat and Shop

There are many places on Hua Hin Beach where you can eat, especially north side near the entrance at Damroen Kasam Road. You can also enjoy a picnic under one of the beautiful palm trees. Besides, there are several vendors around, so you can always grab something to eat without leaving the beach. There are also plenty of vendors at Hua Hin Beach selling all kinds of paraphernalia. So if you want to buy beach towels, wooden motorcycles or other souvenirs, you could pick up a really good bargain.

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