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Correction Museum

Posted on: 22nd February 2016

Correction Museum is a rare treat for the ones who can bear unaltered reality; set in a real prison it is a place for those who want to see the reality of Thai prison houses in the past before the penal reforms came into being. Still one must keep in mind that the place will not only surprise you but some of the ways of punishing exhibited might make your feel nauseated; no wonder it would keep you on your heels.

Since most travelers find it difficult to locate, a car rental would prove best as it also allows renting add-ons like GPS, which would certainly come handy in this case. Hence rent a car for Nakhon Phanom and make your trip comfortable; visiting this place would prove worthwhile as its deviation from the obvious makes it a must-try attraction.


A Bit of History

Located on the site of what used to be the maximum security prison once, the place’s history starts from 1890s when the place was built. This place was converted into a museum in 1939 and as one goes through the gruesome exhibits, it becomes clearer that the old Thai prison relied heavily on severe punishments to make the culprits confess. In 1990s the facility became a bit overcrowded and hence everything was shifted to Lad Yao Prison. Most of the structures were demolished but one of the cell blocks, three admin blocks, two of the watch towers and the gate were retained.

After wards the place was converted into a prison museum and hence it became a place where various sorts of punishments and execution types –dating back to Ayutthaya period are exhibited. Most of the torture methods were being used till 1934 before they were abolished by the panel court, there was also a full time executioner till 1934 who used to behead the culprits. Many of the penal methods include a chin hook, a head squeezer, a coffin, a tight fitting box and human takraw ball. One can easily get a guide who would make the tour a bit entertaining as they bring the place alive by telling back stories.

Opening time: 8:30 am till 4:30 pm

Admission fee: No admission fee, but one needs to donate money while leaving

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