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Bangkok National Museum

BANGKOK NATIONAL MUSEUM Posted on: 18th February 2016

Preserving the cultural and artistic heritage of Thailand, the Bangkok National Museum is housed in the palace Wang Na; it was built by the King Rama V in 1874 to showcase the antiques and gifts given to him by his father. Initially, the museum was housed in the Royal Palace but later it was moved to the Wang Na Palace which is a traditional Thai building of the eighteenth century. Since it is located near the Grand Palace between the Thammasat University and National Theater, hiring a car comes across as the most convenient and time-saving option; hence, hire a car for Bangkok Airport and enjoy a care-free ride.

The Museum’s Displays and Collections

The Museum’s Displays and Collections

The National Museum of Bangkok allows visitors to travel back in the time through various ancient Thai civilizations. It showcases numerous objects related to art and archeology. The museum explains the rich history of Thailand, especially during the current dynasty of kings. It exhibits numerous historical artifacts, weapons, royal furniture, jewelry, musical instruments and a lot more items. These items are placed in different galleries which are divided into different themes. Thai History Gallery, Living Treasures of Gold and Weapons Room are the most popular galleries housed in the Bangkok National Museum.

Important Information

The museum is open for tourists from Wednesday through Sunday. It opens at 9 am and closes at 4 pm. The entry fees for the museum is 200 Baht.

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