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Ban Rai Temple 

ban-rai-temple-korat Posted on: 25th February 2016

Also known as Elephant temple, this temple is certainly a treat to the eyes. The temple was opened to public in November 2013 and since then it has been one of the largest shrines in whole of Asia- made up of ceramics and beautified with kaleidoscopic mosaics. The temple came into being with the efforts of a monk named Luang Poh Koon and since the project was so costly, donations from politicians and other influential or common people became the force behind the project. It is stated that the prime minister himself donated three million Baht; hence it is not surprising that this temple located in Dan Khun Thot in Korat acts as a magnet for worshipers and tourists alike.



The biggest attraction of the temple is its architecture and the massive elephant head that braces its front, lead to its more popular name ‘Elephant Temple’. The temple is called the realm of Dharma and the visitors have to cross the bridge to reach the naga-guarded shrine. The two nagas cover the whole expanse of the temple and their tails meet at the place where the wishing crystal resides. Virtue, concentration, and discernment are the three virtues that are represented by the wishing crystal. Beyond this lies the three lintels that guard the world- Indra arch, Phra Yom arch, Phra Piroon arch and Phra Kuvane arch.

The roofs bear depiction of Buddha’s 523 previous lives plus ten Jataka tales which brace the exterior of the shrine and have been done by three local artists. First floor shows the life of Lord Buddha through six mural drawings where as second floor of the shrine tells about the evolution of Buddhism. Book a car hire in Korat with us for a memorable travelling experience which gets more accentuated with offerings like inclusions and add-ons in addition to a car variety which is powered by the combined fleet of our numerous car rental suppliers.

Opening Time: It opens daily from 8 am till 5 pm

Admission Fee: No admission fee is charged

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