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Phitsanulok Night Bazaar

Tough less attractive than the other local Thai markets in northern Thailand, this market offers its visitors a cheap range of clothes, souvenir and delicious Thai food.

This market is basically set up for the Thai locals, serving them with all the Thai products, ranging from clothes, daily needs and local food. Farang’s coming to this market will be attracted towards the Tasty food or towards the wide range of gifts and souvenirs it offers. It also encloses several stalls that offer foot massage, giving relax to the visitors who had a tiring and an overall exhausted day. Being in Phitsanulok, a visit to this market is a must.

Bang Niang Market

This markets is also known as”market by appointmenmt” since it operates only on Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday’s from 2PM till 8Pm. Delicious food, Raw fresh food and all the other stuff can be found at this place.

This market covers all the stuff that locals think tourist wants top buy, that is stuff ranging from merchandise, hand carved soaps, swords,cool t-shirts to sunglasses and souvenirs. Also, the food stalls over here offer delicious grilled non veg dishes, BBQ, Chinese dishes, steamed peanuts and a whole variety of different foods. Apart from pre-cooked meals, you can also find a fresh food section, offering fresh meat, seafood and various fruits and vegetables.

Baan Pa Ao Brass and Silk Village

As the name suggests, this village is best known for its brass and silk hand-made products which the residents of this village has been creating for the past five generations. Unlike other craft-villages, setup solely for tourism, this village has been in existence from the past two centuries.

The village also includes a Community Silk Center, and it acts as the perfect starting point for the one who desires to get a close look at the village. The biggest highlight is that since most of the work is done by the inhabitants at their homes, one can interact while moving about in the village and can observe the processes and techniques that they employ closely.

The Isan Morning Market

As the name suggests, it’s the market for the morning birds. This market operates from 01:00 AM to 10:00 AM. The Isan Morning Market features cheap groceries and farmer products. It’s also a good place for Thai dessert lovers providing a fattening range of Thai Ice creams and deserts. Apart from deserts, like all other Thai local markets, this place have several stalls and shops serving with delicious Thai food and ready-cooked dishes.

Central Plaza Udon Thani

It is the biggest mall in Udon Thani having 5 storey building and is located just next to the city’s main nightlife area. Earlier, it didn’t Spread over a larger ground area but after reconstruction, it covered an extensive area, merely twice as much as it was earlier.

It offers its visitors with international western brands, a Robinson Department Store, a multiplex cinema, a 16-lane big bowling arena, and nearly 400 retail shops, facilitating a wide range and variety of products for its visitors. There are also several local and international food outlets serving the authentic Thai cuisine as well as other western dishes.

UD Town

UD town or popularly known as “An open-air lifestyle shopping mall” is strategically built and positioned to attract more number of people. Having Retail outlets, this place also serves best for events such as concerts, conferences, galleries etc.

This place is designed in such a beautiful manner that people here come to recharge their lives. UD town is a center of lifestyle, attracting more than 25,000 visitors a day. It comprises of shops such as Tesco Lotus, Mc Donalds and several other International and local food and shopping outlets.

Central Plaza Ubon Ratchathani

This branch of Central Plaza is known for its many international stores outlets like iStudio Apple store etc, its first floor is home to various banks and in addition to food destinations like ‘Tops’, this place also offers a movies.

The most arresting feature is the mall’s design which is in the form of a lotus which represents the symbol of the province. Constructed with a budget of about 2.75 million Baht, this place is deemed the biggest and the finest in the whole of Southern Isan.

Handicraft shops in Ubon Ratchathani

Rawang Thang: This shop presents the true color of Thailand, is a good place to buy Udon cotton in addition to T-shirts, pillows, pictures frames and numerous other things which are generally designed and made by the couple who own the place.

Punchard: It is most famous for its silks and numerous products which emphasize home-decorations. These things are created by making use of old techniques in today’s modern times with all the designs intact and true to the legacy that they carry.

Ban Khampun: Termed as ‘Silk-specialist’, Ban Khampun houses styles and pattern which are rare and are just unique to its collection.

Trang Cakes & Coffee- ‘Must-buys’

Orange cake, three-taste cake or coffee cake, Trang is full of surprises when it comes to delicious cakes. Same can be said for the special Trang coffee called Khoa Chong, which is considered the best coffee in whole of Thailand.

Finest Trang cakes can be bought at various shops in town especially the ones available around the railway station. Whereas the special Trang coffee can be easily experienced at the original shop -“Khoa Chong Coffee”, located at Pattalung Rd. 

Na Muensri

It is a village located in Amphoe Nayong and is known for the production of finest hand woven cloth for centuries now; this village has a women’s weaving group which is behind the continuation of this heritage. Though today demand of such cloth is going down, this cloth is still famous especially the ones which have a pattern called “Lai Look Kao”. This place now also has a school which helps in dissemination of this legacy to the younger generation.

Robinson Lifestyle Center 

Robinson Lifestyle Center belongs to Central Group of stores and, in a nutshell, is a medium size mall concept initiated by Central Retail Corporation which happens to be the first mall to have opened in Trang.  The center occupies a retail space of around 30,000 square meters with about 20,000 net leasable areas.

Central pioneered retail formats in Thailand, including Thailand’s department store, supermarket, Thailand’s first hypermarket and Big C etc. Just like all of these, this place also brings four pillars of ‘musts’ namely, entertainment, food, shopping and service at one place.

Old Takua Pa Sunday Market

This market operated only in boom season, that is from november to april. Located in old Takupa, which is also quoted at times as “Step back in time”, this market is worth a visit, to nibble with some snacks while explore the history along with it.

This market, unlike other thai markets doesn’t showcasts a wide range of souvenirs, handcrafts or merchandise, but has enclosed several stalls serving with delicious street food and also, rare stalls selling the other stuff. This market attracts tourists as it acts as a medium for visitors to explore more of the old takua pa, dating history, buildings, shrines and walls to 12th century.

Big C

Big C is a hypermarket operator handling 697 stores all over the Thailand. They have combinations of discounted store and food outlets, providing utmost satisfaction to there customers and delivering them products at very low prices.

Anything and everything can be found at the Big C outlets at a very reasonable price, which are comparably very low to the general market prices. Products such as fresh produce, electronic appliances, home appliances, merchandise and a large alcoholic selection can be found here at a high discounted prices.

Surat Thani Night Market

Like all the other cities of Thailand, Surat Thani also possess a night market and similarly, its as colorful and lively as other local Thai markets. Situated on the beach side, this market has lot to offer.

Visitor here can find merchandise, shoes, bags, cosmetics, sunglasses and other items. This market has a wide variety of food and dishes to offer like sweets, veggies, fruits, various non-veg dishes such as dishes made up of fishes, pork, beef etc, drinks and much more. Either, a visitor can enjoy the meal itself at the stall or can take them away with himself.

Koh Kloi Floating Market

Located across from the Big C Supermarket, Koh Kloi Floating Market is a great new place in Rayong where you can enjoy an evening with your loved ones. Built in an antique style, this new marketplace is becoming increasingly popular by the day among tourists. Koh Kloi is spread in an area of about a size of a small town with friendly people and has the same old Thai essence from the past. This relatively new attraction in Rayong is where you can shop for handmade accessories, photographs, wall hangings, items for home decor and several souvenirs. Along the streets, you’ll also find vendors serving snacks and drinks.

Baan Pae Market

If seafood comes to your mind when in Rayong, then a visit to the popular Baan Pae market would be highly recommended. Located at Tambol Baan Pae on the main road, the market is a fantastic place to shop for either fresh or dried seafood. The shrimp paste is one of the many products sold here which is simply a favorite among shoppers. The various local items make Baan Pae market a fine combo of both marine and regional products. Apart from seafood, there are many restaurants and souvenir shops around the market. All in all, Baan Pae market is one place in Rayong where you can enjoy shopping while pleasing your tastebuds.

Central Plaza Rayong

Located on Bangna-Trat Road no. 36, this 5-story complex is the most modern in addition to being the biggest shopping mall of Rayong. Much of its landscape and architecture has been inspired by the local arts and literature of Phra Sunthorn Phu – a widely renowned Rayong-based poet in Thailand. Central Plaza Rayong is an excellent mix of shopping mall, entertainment complex and lifestyle complex. A few of the major brands at the mall include Robinson Department Store, OfficeMate, SuperSports and PowerBuy. Besides seven modern theaters and a ‘Fun Planet’ for kids, Central Plaza Rayong also features over 200 leading international shops and dining venues.

Banzaan Market

This market offers the shoppers an alternative experience other than visiting a normal Thai local market while selling almost the same goods that are available in other Thai Local markets. Built by Chinese architects, this building has escalators and features contemporary decor and style.

The market is divided into sections, that is a section for fresh food, meat, seafood, Thai sweets and many others but everything arranged in a neat manner. There is a food court upstairs, which offers shoppers freshly cooked seafood, cooked out of the raw vegetables shoppers themselves bought downstairs. Also, this market is home to Smooth Smile Radio broadcasting daily from 06:00-14:00 hours.

Banana Walk Phuket

It is a newly built beachfront Lifestyle shopping mall, comprised of 3 stories. Shopping, dining, and cosmetics are basically the three main segments this complex deals in. Beautifully built with an echo design, the lighting here at night gives a feeling of entering a spaceship dock.

Being one of the most modern shopping centers, the restaurants here are the franchises of the well known eating outlets. There is a Villa market dealing with imported goods and grocery, Banana Spa and Memento Aesthetic center, which offers face treatments and other beauty enhancing services and several other fashion and sports stores.

Phuket Weekend Market

A big, Crowded and an overwhelming market that offers almost everything and at very low prices. Basically, divided into two sections, one section is for second-hand goods while the other is for new products.

This market comprises of merchandise from well-known brands but almost all the merchandise is fake, there are stalls selling DVD’s, mobile Phones, electronics, watches, sunglasses, souvenir and much more. Also, there are plenty of stalls offering a variety of food such as fried, deep fried, boiled, grilled, rolled, sliced and fermented too, making it a good place for foodies.

Mike Shopping Mall

Mike Shopping Mall is one of the most happening malls in and around Pattaya, known for it’s ever continuing sale. The mall also consists of an OTOP section, which is famous for it’s regional handicrafts.

While, fashion and souvenir are the most popular items being sold here, the mall also offers Sale on a wide range of products which include electronics, daily equipment and all the other basic amenities. Since it is cheap and affordable, it’s probably one of the main attractions for tourists in Pattaya.

Thepprasit Road Night Market

Also known as “Pattaya Weekend Bazaar” or “ Kankheha Thepprasit Market”, it presents all manner of Thai delights, general equipment’s, games, souvenir and much more. It was established in 1999, to create a central outlet of products from the Eastern Thailand and also to serve visitors with the delicious cuisines of Thailand.

Everything is available in Thepprasit Road Night Market, from Dubious Watches to electronics, pirate DVD’s to Car parts, pets, phone cases and even day to day apparels. Being like every other Thai Market, customer here gets what they pays for.

Pattaya floating Market

The market was established to show cast the Culture and Tradition of the four areas(Northern, Southern, Central, and Northeastern) of Thailand. This 350 million Bath market has 114 shops and water vendors selling Traditional Thai food, Deserts, Souvenir, and other specialties such as wooden sculptures, paintings, paper handicrafts, Thai silk and much more from all over the kingdom.

Besides food, souvenir, and shops, this market also has education and entertaining attractions. The Wood Carving Museum is a place in the market where beautiful paintings are displayed while on the other hand, a free show takes place everyday presenting four cultural performances.

Local Handicrafts

Handicrafts found in Nakhon Si Thammarat are believed to be one of their kinds and hence are difficult to find in other parts of Thailand. There are two main areas in Nakhon Si Thammarat which are deemed perfect if one is looking for local handicrafts. In case one is in search of silver, gold, brass and niello- one shall visit Tha Chang Road, which runs on the other side of Sanam Na Muang and in parallel to Ratchadamnoen Road.

Another place is called Wat Phra Mahathat for it has many stalls which sell things from shadow puppets to brass to hand-made baskets. In addition to this, there is also a night market near the train station, but this mostly consists of food stalls.

Coconut Shell Handicraft Village

Coconut Shell Handicraft Village is a place located in a region named Chai Buri in Muang Phatthalung where all handicrafts are made from coconut shells. This place came into being with the initiative of the community head whose name is Pluem Chukhon and at present they are presenting numerous things made of coconut shells.

In addition to kitchen utensils from spoons to coffee cups to water bowls etc, it also makes available various other products made up of coconut shells like ladles and lamps. The products by this village go to international markets and also get sold in local Thai markets; no wonder its worth is in millions.

A Hundred Year Market

‘A Hundred Year Market’ is located to the east of the Pak Phanang, which is a district and is a part of Nakhon Si Thammarat province. The market can be easily reached by taking a boat to the old market pier. The market’s overall structure is completely made up of wood and that too in a really simple fashion.

The place brings about a profusion of variety when it comes to food- from fresh dairy products to meat, fish and fresh vegetables to fruits etc. The same thing can be articulated when it comes to cheaply priced products; however one should try to reach the market before 6 pm for by then most of the shops close down.

Thai Lao Open Border Market

Thai-Lao Open-Border Market is a biweekly affair which witnesses the movement of hundreds of Laos’s people who cross the river to shop and sell their products. Nakhon Phanom itself is famous for silks and other handicrafts which are produced in Laos-style in many of its villages, yet this market is popular despite the fact that it also offers the same things as other Thailand markets.

However availability of things like roots, honey, bats, other animals and orchids makes it unique and apart from various other Thai markets.

Mekong Walking Street

Every last Friday of the month, Mekong walking street is opened to public by closing a section of Sunthon Wichit Road. Walking street was opened in 2011 so that locals and visitors can enjoy the view of Mekong River in addition to a profusion of shopping and food options, close at hand. This walkway remains open for public from 4:30 pm to 9:30 pm; though initially Friday used to be the day for the walk, at present it has been extended to include even Saturdays.

It is also home to many restaurants and bars such that as the sun sets the place gets converted into an upbeat market scene.

Indochina Market

This market is counted among the top-notch shopping attractions in Nakhon Phanom and is usually given a 5 star rating owing to its variety and uniqueness. Sprawled over 6 to 7 city blocks, it mostly comprises of small shops which face the Mekong River front walkway. However, a big part of the market is below the promenade, which many visitors usually fail to notice.

Authentic silk and cotton cloth plus genuine handicrafts from Thailand, Laos, China and Vietnam, make this market a ‘must-not-miss’ destination. Mekong promenade is a not that happening but it provides a great view of Mekong and the distant ‘Second Thai-Lao Friendship Bridge’.

Fair Trade Shop

Fair Trade Shop is Mae Sot’s only shop which offers a big range of Handicraft works produced by the tribal people of Thailand. It is interesting to note that this shop is the joint undertaking of Thai Tribal Crafts Fair Trade and WEAVE Foundation.

Embroidered clothing, scarves, blankets, bags, wallets, wall hangings and a bevy of other traditional things, ‘deemed-finest’ Karen textile products, can be found at one place at Mae Sot’s Fair Trade Shop.

Borderline Shop

Borderline Shop is known for its cause oriented working ethics and cause-driven approach which moves about empowerment of women and child care. In this shop, all the things put on sale are produced or manufactured manually by refugee women and all the profits are directed to women’s collective and child assistance foundation.

Borderline shop’s first floor also features a gallery where various paintings have been exhibited for sale; it also holds a tea garden and also offers a well-received cookery course.

Vibrant Municipal Market

This Municipal Market is the largest in Thailand and, as per ones expectations, is also exceptional in vibrancy. One must visit if one wants to interact with the locals and feels like cashing the chance to witness the true colors of Thailand up close.

It covers a bevy of things ranging from fresh fruits and vegetables to non-vegetarian food. Moreover, it also gives access to numerous things of Burmese origin- bookstore, Thanaka sticks and numerous other things like pickled tea leaves and velvet thong slippers.

Catalunya Walking Street

This street, unlike the other streets, is a permanent market having shops that are open 7 days a week and the street is arranged in an “L-shaped” manner. It comprises of shops such as an art gallery, optician, ice-cream parlor, guest house, also bank & ATM’s and many such other shops just adjacent to the Ao Nang beach.

While the other streets just offer local merchandise, souvenirs, and food stalls, this market offers a handful of services and facilities. This market is a lively place and deliver services as per different tastes and needs of the visitors.

Maharaj market

Maharaj market or also known as the “morning market” as it opens up by 3 Am and is working till 10 PM. Offering every vegetable, fruit, coconuts, spices, Pre-cooked meals, exotic Thai dishes, this market is lively all day long, handling a huge crowd.

Tough after having such a large traffic, Its really easy to navigate through this market. Vegetables and spices that are used in southern Thai food are commonly found here. Another section of this market serves with raw seafood, providing a wide range of fishes(dry and fresh) to choose from. Also, a section here offers pre-cooked tasty Thai meals.

Krabi Town Walking Street

This market exhibits a glimpse of the Southern Thailand and is held on every Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 17:00-22:00 hours. Almost anything and everything can be found at this place and the prices offered here are comparatively very low to the other local Thai markets nearby.

This market attracts the local artists and artisans who come here to present their products. A variety of handmade products are available to choose from, also, merchandise, souvenir, leather and printed bags, pearls, jewelry can be found in this market. Like all other night streets in Thailand, this Street is also comprised of several food stalls serving with delicious Thai cuisine, seafood, shakes and drinks.

Fisherman’s Village Walking Street

This street comes to life every week on Friday from 17:00-23:00 hours. This market show cats a diverse range of products at very low and competitive prices.

All the products that are majorly found in every market in Thailand, are also found here, that maybe a 100 bath-tee or a watch or glasses and so on. Also, there are food vendors, small cocktail bars and stalls located in and around the street with some street performers, performing on the side-roads. Being one of the low priced markets, it attracts many travelers and Thai’s.

Bophut Plaza

Comprised of a popular series of boutiques and shops, Bophut Plaza has a lot to offer ranging from shirts, watch, jewelry, bags, t-shirts, hand-carved soaps and many other items.

Among all the shops, the best and the original outlet is Piti’s art shop, an outlet run by K. Piti and his Girlfriend presenting their original and beautiful artworks. Apart from that, there are some colorful textile shops selling wall hangings, sarongs, and embroidered cotton. Like all other Asian markets, bargaining and haggling are also accepted over here.

Chaweng Walking Street

This market is famous for the variety of fake merchandise and delicious food and is spread along the main beach road for several Km. The traders start setting up the market by 15:00 hours and by 18:00 hours, it comes to life when large number of tourists start stepping in.

Anything and everything can be found at Chaweng Walking street, from Merchandise of brands such as Polo, Ray Ban, Ralph Lauren to hand made souvenirs and silk scarves. Also, this market has plenty of shops that serves with deliciously cooked dishes of the Local Thai Cusine.

Central Plaza

This mall is located in the heart of the city and is built with a modern architectural design focusing more on the local uniqueness which is inspired by “Mud Mee”, the most renowned northeastern silk. This complex offers 7 top notch brands and almost 350 shopping outlets.

Central Plaza is a 6 storey mall comprising of shopping outlets, numerous restaurants, bowling, cineplex, and also several banks and IT outlets. Robinson Departmental store being the anchor tenant, plenty of well-known brands can be found here. Also, this mall features exhibitions of luxury cars and animal shows at times.

Ton Tann Night Market

Out of the seven-night markets in Khon Kaen, this market is the largest one. Rather than being just a local night market, it tends to be more of an attraction having boutique shops, restaurants and live entertainers performing here every night.

This market is basically divided into three sections where one serves as selling an assortment of items ranging from clothes, snacks, toys, and souvenirs; the other building sells mainly clothes and the third one is an open food court offering tasty local Thai dishes. Live performers start entertaining the crowd by around 6 PM and the fun goes on till late night.


Earlier, this place used to be the biggest mall of the town, but now it is known as an electronics hub. Tuckom has stalls and shops selling electronic items and accessories. Anything and everything in electronics can be found here ranging from cheap mobile sets to expensive smartphones and further to laptops, computers, hardware as well as accessories.

The staff over here may not be as pretty as the girls in other malls, but is highly educated and prevails great knowledge about the products they are selling.

Nang Thong Super Market

Nang Thong Super Market is located in the Takua Pa District, Thailand and offers a wide range of products. This place is very convenient to shop for merchandise from Western brands, the daily necessities as well as toiletries.

This place encloses everything from local Thai dishes to merchandise, souvenir, tailors, toiletries and all form of daily requirements. But, this market tends to have little higher prices as compared to the other local Thai markets. Surrounded by a neat and clean ambiance and facilitating with all the basic amenities, this market seems to be very convenient for many travelers and Thai locals.

Bang Niang Day Market

Bang Niang day Market is a large and colorful market, that is open on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 15:00-19:30 hours and has several sections ranging from merchandise to pre-cooked Thai food.

This market is arranged section wise, starting from raw fruits and vegetables and ending on Bars. Stalls over here offer a wide variety of fruits, Thai dishes(both veg and non-veg) and at an affordable price. Also, many stalls over here sell merchandise, souvenir, sunglasses, watches, fake perfumes and all the common stuff that is available in other local Thai market. Traveler over here can relax themselves by having a cold beer at the bars situated at the end of the market.

The Family Tree

The Family Tree is popular for it’s handmade articles, paintings and the craft works. In association with the local independent artists, SMEs and small family businesses, this place serves with the best handmade craft articles all over the Hua Hin.

“The Family tree” is a big contribution towards the preservation of Thai Crafts. Craftworks over here include 100% natural dyed handwoven silk, silver handicrafts with beautiful ethnic design, bamboo products, printed bags, purses, and much more. The family Tree team along with Buddhist Monks, is also a part of the “Greener Tomorrow” movement, which makes energy efficient equipment and this cafe have them installed all over their shop.

Hua Hin Night Market

It is a street lined up by Traders selling everything from merchandise to deliciously cooked seafood, making it a good place for pre or post-dinner shopping. Like all the other market, travelers can grab a cold beer or cocktail and see people going up and down the street.

Popularly known for its restaurant, this market serves with the best and affordable seafood. Almost all the stalls and shop sell the same Thai dishes with similar prices. Other than seafood, several western style BBQ dishes are also available. Apart from food and drinks, merchandise, handmade jewelry, souvenir and other similar items can also be found in this market.

Hua Hin Market Village

It is the first large-scale complex of Hua Hin, featuring three storey of shops, which are comprised of restaurants, a food court, multiplex and several entertainment outlets.

From reputed International brands to local independent outlets, everything can be found under this one roof, while several handmade crafts and souvenir are displayed in the outward zone of the complex. Apart from this, there is a high-tech multiplex cinema hall and a food court cooking delicious local Thai dishes, situated on the third storey of the complex.

Kim Yong Market

Located in the center of Hat Yai City, This place is famous for the snacks it imports from Malaysia and Singapore. The imported stuff here is comparably cheaper than all the other places in Thailand.

This market encloses just not the stalls spread over the street, but also the stalls located inside of the buildings. The stalls offer clothes, fruits, snacks, street food, fresh flowers, electronics, CD’s, DVD’s and several other fake branded items. This is an early market and starts operating from 6 in the morning and is lively till 6 in the evening.

Santisuk Market

It is a small market located in between the second and the third row of the city center of Hat Yai, having stalls situated vertically inside the rows of narrow alleys. From fake brands to tasty Thai food, everything can be found at this small place.

A wide variety of fake branded merchandise, electronics, bags, shades are sold in this market and the visitor can grab them at almost 50% less the price offered, if he is good at bargaining. It also offers a variety of local Thai street food, dry fruits, nuts and other eatables.

Khlong Hae Floating Market

This market is the first floating market in the Southern Thailand and operates from Friday to Sunday from 3 PM to 9 PM. It comprises of large floating shops trying their best to seek the attention of buyers alongside Canal.

This market offers local Thai food dishes, handmade products, and other local products at very reasonable prices facilitating it’s tourist a best in class dining as well as the shopping experience. The best thing about the market is that they use environmental friendly packages such as coconut shells, clay pots instead of plastic bags or foam boxes.

Morning Market

Unlike the other Thai markets, this markets is small but worth seeking out. Located down the side street between the two clock towers, this market is for early birds and also can be accessed near about 7 o’clock in the morning.
The market attracts its visitors by the fragrance of tasty Thai food and Thai-style coffee. This market serves with tasty Thai breakfast and other local dishes and is a good place to grab some handicraft gifts and souvenir for your loved ones.

Central Plaza Chiang Rai

Being the first upscale mall in Chiang Rai, it offers everything you’ll be needing in Chiang Rai. Beautifully crafted with a design that encloses the nearby mountainous surrounding, this place acts as a generous outdoor space for public to enjoy.

This mall has 4 stories and a cinema hall situated on the 4th-floor showing English movies. There are two food courts here, offering a wide range of Western & Thai dishes. Also, we have Robinson and Tesco Lotus stores facilitating with large number of general products and services and almost anything and everything that a customer desires.

Chiang Rai Walking Street

This street is a 1.5 km stretch from Th Thanalai to Hilltribe museum and operates on Saturday’s from 5:00 PM to 11:00 PM. This market not only offers food and shopping but also features cultural performances, performing about the life and tradition of ancient Lanna people.

Enclosing several shopping and food stalls, a visitor can grab a perfect souvenir at this place, buy some great stuff and feed themselves with delicious Thai local cuisine and all of them packed in a budgeted price. Unlike other Thai markets, this market seems to be more lively and festive since it offers live folk music and performances.

Central Festival Chiang Mai

Popularly known as Festival or Fest, Central Festival is a complete Lifestyle shopping center offering numerous British Brands shops that can’t be found anywhere else in Chiang Mai.

Comprising of 5 floors, the mall has everything from handmade articles, Boutique, IMAX-3D, Parking, Food Hub and it’s most famous attraction, an Ice Skating ring. Unlike other malls, Central Festival has been designed in such a way that nobody lost out of their ways. Having crisscrossed escalators and bright-eyed shoppers, the mall looks like a stadium-esque. Located on the super highway, Central Festival is the busiest mall along with the major Airport.

Sankampaeng Craft Street

Heaven for craft lovers, Sankampaeng Craft Street is an 18km highway that runs through the home, villages and factories which are busy crafting, all concentrated in this one area. It’s one of the best places to see craftsmen at work.

Sankampaeng is famous for its Silk and the Silk produced here is considered as the best in the World. Apart from Silk, people over here are also specialized in Lacquerware. It is a glossy black base with beautiful details picked on it out in gold. Also, craft work like pottery and handmade umbrella are also famous in Sankampaeng craft street.

Chiang Mai Walking Street

A busy Street bringing alive the essence of Chiang Mai in the form of Craft, Music, and food, it is a hub of handmade merchandise, to be sold on Saturday and Sunday. Chiang Mai Walking street show casts things such as carved soaps, Buddha paintings, silver Jewelry, Thai musical instruments, t-shirts and herbal remedies.

The market being very popular is the major source of income for the locals. From a wealthy tradition to a modern Chiang Mai Culture, everything can be experienced here in one visit.

Chatuchak Market

Chatuchak Market is one of the most famous markets in the world and it is also known as JJ Market. It is also the largest market in Thailand and visited by more than 200,000 people in a single day. But, the only drawbacks is that it opens only on weekends and holidays. It provides a wide range of products at the cheapest rates in Bangkok. It is also suitable for bargaining.

Chatuchak Market is located in the north of Bangkok, and it open from 6 pm to late night on Fridays and from 9 am to 6 pm on Saturdays and Sundays.

MBK Center

MBK Center is one of the most popular shopping destinations in Bangkok where you can enjoy shopping at cheap prices. Here you can buy almost everything, but basically find items such as clothes, bags, footwear, phones, watches, cameras, laptop, jewelry and furniture. It also has restaurants, bowling arcade and cinema.

At MBK, you can also ask for Tourist Discount Card which enables you to avail special discounts on various products. Discount ranges from 5% to 50%.

Suan Lum Night Market

Located next to the Lumpini Park, the Suan Lum Night Market is a newer market and less known among tourists. Unlike other popular markets in Bangkok, Suan Lum Night Market is not much crowded and gives an opportunity to shop in a relaxed atmosphere. Here, you can find all kind of products including clothes, handicrafts and decorative items.

Next to the market, there is a place with numerous food stalls where you can enjoy a variety of Thai cuisines.