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Watt Phra Khao Yai Temple

Watt Phra Khao Yai Temple Posted on: 26th February 2016

Pratumnak Hill top is home to a very unique temple which is best known for its marvelous architecture and its 18 meter tall Buddha which is also the largest Buddha image in the region and was constructed in 1977. The temple is located on a small island named Ko Phan.

Interesting Fact

Watt Phra Yai’ English translation means ‘Big Buddha Temple’ and there is a name that has been given to the main Buddha idol by local Thai people, they call Him Luang Phor Yhai



The staircase to the temple is one of the best features- the hand railings are flanked by the bodies of snakes where at the end of each railing one can see the heads of the seven-headed mythical snake.


Various Buddha Statues

Other than the main Buddha statue, the temple grounds also houses other seven statues of Buddha in varying sizes, forms and in different postures which represent different days of a week. At the foot of the temple, there are many shops available where various things can be bought, specifically caged birds. The idea that they try to convey is that- the visitors can buy these caged birds, can set them free which would earn them a good karma. This is not a good practice for this motivates captivity of birds; hence it is advised that in spite of paying these bird sellers one should rather make donations at the temple.

How to Reach?

Reaching Watt Phra Yai Temple is not a problem; one can access the place easily through a motorbike, taxi or a songthaew i.e. a shared taxi. One can also hire a car in Pattaya Downtown from us and easily travel all the way long and explore the beautiful Temples dotted all over the city as per his own will, time and comfort.

Opening Time and Charges: The temple remains open daily from 7 am to 10 pm and admission is free.

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