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Wat Pa Phu Kon

Wat Pa Phu Kon Posted on: 23rd February 2016

Wat Pa Phu Kon is a Buddhist temple which, also known as the Forest temple is located in Ban Na Kham Village. Surrounding by mountainous terrain it is full of fauna like wild monkeys and peacocks etc in addition to thick green cover- dominated by Bamboos.
Wat Pa Phu Kon, constructed in 2013, is well-noted for its splendid architecture and impressive design.


Importance of Chedi

Next to the temple is the main Chedi named Prathom Rattanamahaburaphachan is about 25 meters in height and can be reached via a staircase which has about 200 stairs; the Chedi also houses relics of Buddha. The building has two floors and was built in the memory of a deceased monk and hence few of his personal things have also been exhibited here. This Sri Lankan-styled Chedi is made up of marble and granite and is highly decorated with golden mosaics. Wat Pa Phu Kon is a highly recommended attraction. Make the visit easy and convenient by booking an Udon Thani car hire at Thailand Cars Rental either via booking support or online.

Reclining Buddha

Wat Pa Phu Kon’s most looked-forward-to highlight is certainly the 20+ meters high statue of the reclining Buddha which has been carved from Italian Carrara marble and resides in the Viharn. Outside the temple, statues of dragons which guard the place have also been made from the same marble stone. When the construction started in 2010, first the base for the statue was set and then the Viharn was constructed around it. The Wihan has a number of shops where visitors can buy souvenirs and other items of need. Other interesting fact about the place is that it is made up of 43 stones of Carrara marble, each of which weighed 15 to 30 tons. Another interesting fact is that the large entrance doors is heavily decorated with reliefs and has hinges that are entirely made of bronze

Opening Time: 6am to 5pm

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