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The Phuket Aquarium

The Phuket Aquarium Posted on: 19th February 2016

The Phuket Aquarium is not as big as Siam Ocean World, but it is still a must visit attraction in Phuket. It is a place full of amazement and offers many opportunities of entertainment for the whole family, especially kids. It is not only the source of entertainment for tourists but being a part of Phuket Marine Biological Center, it also plays an important role in research, protection and education of marine life. Here, you can see crabs, eels, sharks, stingrays and many others.


What To See at the Phuket Aquarium

The Phuket Aquarium has a varied collection of tropical and exotic fishes, sea turtles and numerous other marine creatures. The best part of the aquarium is the tunnel through its center where you can see these sea creatures really closely. At the entrance, the first things you see are small aquariums which contain all kind of freshwater and saltwater fishes. The information about these fishes can be read from the educational displays placed on the walls. Then you can go to the tunnel where you can see big fishes like stingrays and leopard sharks.

Useful Information

The Phuket Aquarium is located at Cape Panwa, 51 Sakdidech Road in Phuket. It opens daily between 8:30 am and 4 pm. At the exit of the aquarium, snack and drink shops are located. A souvenir shop is also located here which offers a variety of items. To reach the aquarium with an ease, book a rental car in Phuket with us at discounted prices.

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