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Thailand’s Best Hidden & Undiscovered Gems for Travellers

Thailand’s Best Hidden & Undiscovered Gems for Travellers Posted on: 19th July 2018

The hidden treasures of Thailand

Thailand is one of the top tourist destinations in the world, mainly due to its street food, beaches, shopping, night life and Buddhist temples. But the main attractions of Thailand such as Bangkok and Pattaya are overcrowded and bustling. So, for a traveller seeking peace of mind or serene beauty of the beaches, there are many places in Thailand which are discovered. So, consider these treasures of Thailand for your next holiday away from the touristy feel and crowds.

Lampang, North Thailand

Lampang is a town that comes on the way to Chiang Mai and it is a treat due to its amazing river-side bars, restaurants, Buddhist temples and a lot more. Another main attraction of Lampang is the Thailand Elephant Conservation Centre where you can spend some quality time with the elephants.

lampang Thailand

Koh Lanta

Luckily or unluckily, Koh Lanta has not been turned into a tourist hub yet despite of its splendid natural beauty and diving facilities just like the nearby touristy locations. The flat surface of this island makes it more convenient to be explore on a bike. The island is not too deserted while its interior is beautifully lush green.

koh-lanta Thailand


All the perks of Krabi without the crowd is what makes Trang special as you can enjoy the huge limestone cliffs along with its emerald green sea. Trang is an en route location for most of the tourists. The Trang town will give you a glimpse of its unique blended Muslim, Thai and Chinese culture with a distinct cuisine and architecture.

Trang Thailand

Koh Phayam

Also, known as Thailand’s secret Andaman island, Koh Phayam lets you enjoy the Andaman Sea, serene beaches and a carefree atmosphere without the crowd. You will surely love the hospitality of Koh Phayam, its lip-smacking but pocket-friendly food along with a laid back feel. Do check out the cool bars there.

koh-phayam thailand

Koh Kood

Koh Kood or Ko Kut is a district in the Trat Province of eastern Thailand. Ko Kut comprises of a group of islands with a population of about 2,000 which is the lowest in Thailand. Islands like these are ideal for the tourists who do not want to do much but relax and enjoy the natural beauty of a place. You can easily admire the seaside beauty while relaxing at a luxurious resort in Koh Kood. There are many types of accommodation facilities on the island.

koh-kood Thailand

Laem Singh Beach

Laem Singh Beach is one the most stunning beaches in Phuket, located between Surin and Kamala beaches. The 150 meter-long beach is situated modestly in a hidden bay and surrounded by exotic palms & giant boulders. The beach may give you the feel of being in Seychelles. You can enjoy diving and snorkeling here along with its carefree vibe.

laem-singh-beach thailand

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