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Samui Monkey Theater

Posted on: 25th February 2016

Samui Monkey Theater is located in the Bophut Sub District at the entrance of KhaoThaPhra Village and consists of an animal performing area which is basically an open area theater plus a monkey training center. Include Samui Monkey Theater in your list of ‘to-visit’ attractions at Chaweng and plan this experience with a car rental from us. Contact our booking support team to know more about the car categories covered and other booking enquires; pay heed that this support service is free of cost.


Samui Monkey Theater: History Highlights

Before the boon of tourism Ko Samui and Chaweng were ordinary islands where the main source of livelihood was coconut trade. For centuries farmers have been harvesting coconut with the help of monkeys which were and still are trained for the deed; they are taught to work safely and efficiently. Here, the monkeys are certainly considered human’s best friend.

Present Scenario

As stated above, today also the monkeys are trained but now training is done officially at the Monkey Center where monkeys are trained to collect the coconuts with all the safety measures involved. The training is imparted by an instructor/trainer and a student where the already agile skills of the monkey are honed and an extra skill is taught which helps them in communicating with humans.

All the monkeys that perform at Monkey Theater undergo this training and they are trained for a period of four months after which they are allowed to perform at the Monkey Theater. Outsider monkeys are also trained i.e. if a person has a pet monkey, he/she can also get it trained by paying a training fee of 6000 Baht. During the performances, initially monkeys perform various funny and heartwarming tricks for the visitors and at the end they exhibit their marvelous coconut picking skills.

Opening Time: 

It hosts three shows in a day, scheduled at 10:30 am, 2 pm and 4 pm; it opens every day of the week from Monday to Sunday.

Admission Fee:

150 Baht and 300 Baht are charged from Children and Adults respectively (prices tend to vary)

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