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Saeng Chan Beach – The Moonlight Beach

Posted on: 25th February 2016

Located about 6 kilometers from Rayong, Saeng Chan Beach is the nearest popular beach from the city. In terms of appearance, it is quite different as compared to many other beaches in Rayong province. It appears to be as if several small moon crests have been connected together. Hence the name Saeng Chan Beach which means ‘moonlight beach’.

Getting to the beach from the city is very easy. From Rayong downtown, you just need to keep driving along Sukhumvit Road towards Ban Chang District. At some point, you’ll notice a signpost indicating to turn left for Saeng Chan Beach. After turning left from here, you now just have to keep going straight on until the beach arrives. Once you are done exploring the beach, make sure to visit the two nearby tourist attractions – Sky View Tower and Phra Chedi Klang Nam.


A Great Place to Enjoy Swimming

The seawater at Saeng Chan Beach is clear enough and not too deep either, making it suitable for a swim near the shore. However, you’re recommended to not to swim near the barriers or when strong winds are blowing across the sea. At the beach, you’ll find many bars and seafood restaurants.

There are also several accommodations available in the area including beachfront luxury hotels. Most of them offer an opportunity to catch the stunning scenery of the sea at the beach. Plus, Saeng Chan Beach also connects to an area which the locals call it Laem Charoen – a fisherman village where plenty of seafood restaurants can be found. Stone barriers are set on the sea that make for a quaint scene at the beach. The purpose of these barriers is mainly to reduce the high level of scouring at the beach. In brief, Saeng Chan Beach is a place for those who like to have a sunbath and a swim in the water.

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