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Responsible Tourism and Eco Travel in Destinations of Thailand

Responsible Tourism and Eco Travel in Destinations of Thailand Posted on: 6th August 2018

Responsible Travel in Thailand

Thailand is one of the most visited tourist destinations in the world which calls for an urgent need for eco-friendly tourism and sustainable travel to save its vulnerable ecosystem. In Thailand, commercial tourism practices often overshadow the environment, leading to major ecological concerns in this resort country such as deforestation, pollution, flooding and extinction of species especially, tigers, leopards & elephants. Many hotels in Thailand have started Eco-friendly projects to reduce their negative impact on the environment such as using less usage of electronics like air-conditioners.

The Thai people

The Thai people

Thailand is a poor country despite of its extravagance as a tourist destination and the locals earn meagre daily wages. So, you may give a decent tip for the overall betterment of the staff and also hiring a local guide will help uplift the local people.

Thailand’s natural attractions

Thailand has many National Parks showcasing its natural bounties. One of the best ones is Kui Buri National Park where you can even book a stay amongst nature. In a national park, you can admire nature without hampering with it. Many regions in the country are converted to ecotourism destinations such as Phang-Nga region where a tourist can enjoy an authentic experience while supporting the community. This way, you can enjoy the natural attractions in Thailand without hampering with nature.

Cycling in Thailand

One can tour Thailand on a cycle too to enjoy the scenic landscapes and smooth roads. We recommend going for a cycle tour in a less-crowded location of Thailand to get a better insight of the country. Thai traffic is comparatively considerate of cyclists, moreover, leaving aside the main cities, Thailand has a smooth traffic flow. Even the main roads in the big cities have a separate lane for cyclists.

Cycling in Thailand

If you are an experienced cyclist who is looking for a cycling challenge in Thailand then we recommend the Mae Hong Son Loop. On the other hand, the Bangkok to Phuket route is the most established one. You can even opt for an organised cycling tour.

Cycling is a healthy option as well as a great way to explore a country while not doing harm to your budget or even adding to the pollution.

Visit an ethical elephant sanctuary

Parks like the Elephant Nature Park in Chiang Mai rescue and provide relief to mistreated elephants. Here, you can interact with the highly abused national animal of Thailand in an ethical way. So, this is a much more sensible option than going for an elephant ride which add to the mistreatment of the helpless animal. Animal shelters like this will give you a better insight about the animals.

ethical elephant sanctuary

This is an ideal nature activity for families and you can click many memorable pictures while being a responsible tourist. It’s always an intelligent move to find out about an elephant rescue center and what is done there. Avoid places like the famous Tiger Temple in Kanchanaburi where you can pet captive tigers which are bred unethically and mistreated.

Rent a car in Thailand to make the most of your trip.


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