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NASA : A Human Adventure Exhibition Bangkok

Posted on: 11th December 2014

We all love science fiction movies and the term “space exploration” fascinates everyone of us. Although space exploration is not possible for everyone (unless you are an astronaut at an organization like NASA), but you can get a chance to experience the thrilling history of space exploration. For an extraordinary outer space experience on your trip to Bangkok, visit BCC Hall, Central Plaza Lardprao. From 1st December 2014, a world class exhibition on space exploration, named as NASA – A Human Adventure, will be held at BCC Hall which will run until 1st of February, 2015. Here, you can discover many great events related to the the space programs of NASA and the extraordinary space adventures.


About the Exhibition

The Bangkok Convention Center will display more than 400 original artifacts from NASA’s historical space programs to its visitors. Also, you can admire the life-size replicas of satellites, space cars, rockets, space suits and many other things which are important for the space race. The whole exhibition will be divided into 4 different zones.

These 4 Zones are :

Space technology



Space Café

Space Technology

In this part you can see replicas of NASA’s space crafts such as Apollo and Gemini, rockets, space robots, space suits, space food and other electronic and mechanical devices used in space. You can even see the replica of space suit used by Neil Armstrong on his mission.


In rides zone, you can enjoy many different and unique kind of rides such as G Force Simulator where you can feel 1G force and The Globe, which is 360 degree round screen displaying our solar system. There is a Photo Activity Club where visitors can take pictures wearing the space suit.


Visitors can also buy souvenirs related to space such as models of rockets, flight jackets, pens, key chains and many others things.

Space Café

The Space Café is divided into 7 different zones from zone 1 to zone 7. It is the place where you can get information about the complete space technology such as the making of first rocket, inventions of space vehicles, all information on how astronaut live in space to latest space technology.
Each of the sections displays voices, words and stories of key figures in the development of modern space exploration and follow the historical chronology through replicas, models, real objects and interactive audiovisuals. NASA – A Human Adventure Exhibition is not only entertaining but educational too. Children will love this exhibition and it is an event which can not be missed.


It will open every day from 10:00 to 20:00.

Ticket Price:

500 Baht on weekend & Public Holiday for adult

400 Baht on weekday for adult

350 Baht on weekend & Public Holiday for students

250 Baht on weekday for students

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