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Fun & Interesting facts about Thailand

Fun & Interesting facts about Thailand Posted on: 12th November 2018

From temples to wildest parties, Thailand is known for many things, but there are a few interesting tidbits that many people don’t know. All these facts, listed below, tell something about Thailand’s history, culture and traditions, giving a unique insight into what people recognize as the tourist hub. Read on and enjoy!

1. Thailand is one of the biggest nations in the World

Out of 193 countries throughout the globe, Thailand – previously known as Siam – ranks 50th in the World when it comes to size!

2. Was Thailand ever a colony?

Nope! In fact, as per World history, Thailand is the only country in Southeast Asia which was never colonized by a European country.

3. Thailand has one season less than the rest!

Unlike other countries, the Kingdom of Thailand has only 3 “seasons” – wet, cool and hot; while rainy season continues for 6 months, cool and hot seasons consist of 3 months each from November-February and March-June respectively.

4. Thailand prefers alcohol over water

Direct consumption of tap water is not considered safe in the country, that’s why local beer is preferred & quite understandable – local beer costs less than bottled water. The local beer is a great option as its high alcohol content kills all the germs. So cheers!

5. Rice, Rice everywhere!

Rice is the staple food of Thailand, and people eat rice at all meals including breakfast; even desserts are made up of rice!! It will not be wrong to say that if someone says ‘I am hungry” in Thailand, it means ‘I want to eat…rice”

! Thailand is the biggest producer of rice and the second largest exporter. Jasmine Rice-type is indigenous to Thailand!

6. Shaking hands is a no-no!

In Thailand shaking hands is not common; Thai people’ greeting is the “Wai”. For the perfect Wai fold your hands together, raise them upwards, towards your face with a slight bow. The higher you raise your hands, the more respect and polite the greeting is. For instance, when greeting the elderly, raise your hands as high as the bridge of your nose.

7. It is the Tuk-Tuk thing!

Thailand is famous for many things, and Tuk-Tuk is one of them, a 3-wheel vehicle which is used widely as the mode of transportation in Bangkok. Without a tuk-tuk ride your Thailand trip is not deemed complete!

8. Thailand & its many religions

Though many religions are practiced in Thailand, like Hinduism and other Chinese religions, Theravada Buddhism is Thailand’s national religion. Buddhism is so prominent that every man below the age of 20 leads the life of a monk at least once; 3 months is the maximum time that most people spend as monks.

9. In Thailand, all monks are not vegetarians!

Yes, it is true! According to them Buddha allowed the monks to eat non-veg, provided no animal was killed in the process. That is if the animal was already dead, monks are allowed to eat anything from pork to fish and meat.

10. Almost every building in Thailand has a Phi House

Many buildings in Thailand have spirit houses which are also known as Phi houses. Here people pay respect to the dead, incense is burnt and prayers are said to ward off misfortune.

11. Getting inked in Thailand

If you are planning to get inked in Thailand, try not to offend the locals in any way. Never get a tattoo below the waist and keep Buddha out of your tattoo choices.

12. The most visited attraction in Thailand is….

The Grand Palace in Bangkok! Yes! Actually, its annual visitors of approx eight million tourists make it one of the top ‘most-visited’ attractions in the WORLD!

13. A pair of athletic shoes is a must

Thailand is the country of smile and TEMPLES. And most of these have steps that you have to tackle to reach the temple. Chiang Mai’s temple of Doi Suthep has over 300 steps! When visiting the country, make sure that you have suitable shoes for the trying trek.

14. Floating water-markets

Before the construction of roads in Thailand, the floating water markets were a commonplace thing in the country, something which is not that prominent but still exists. All you have to do is take a trip outside the city center and look for these colorful boat markets.

15. Thai people love their beer with ice

If you want to drink the Thai way, always buy or order the beer/the spirit & share it! Thai people love their beer with ice; they always order it with ice (Nam Keng). That’s why with the spirits, almost every restaurants offer an ice bucket and a variety of mixers.

16. Thailand & its Wildlife

Siamese cats, the felines with blue almond-shaped eyes, are native to Thailand. Another interesting thing is that Thailand’s native waters don’t have any man-eating sharks, but jellyfish are there and that too poisonous ones!

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