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Explore Thailand by its Regions

Posted on: 29th December 2014

Thailand, a country in South-East Asia, is situated in the south-western part of Indochina peninsula & northern parts of Malay Peninsula. Bordered on the east by Laos & Cambodia, Myanmar to the west and Malaysia towards south. Thailand was known as Siam, until 1939; Thai meaning “freedom”. The name “Thai” was interpreted as “free”, hence Thailand – “Land of the Thais” or “land of the free.” The name is quite justified, as Thailand is the only country in Southeast Asia, which preserved its independence during tough times too.


In terms of Geography, climate, natural resources, diversity of terrain and even the ethnic composition of the population of Thailand, it is divided into five main regions: Central, Eastern, Northern, North Eastern and Southern Thailand.

Central Thailand

It is an area of vast fertile plains that lie partially below sea level and most of the population is engaged in agriculture – cultivation of rice and vegetables. Central Thailand has become the cradle of rice-growing civilization. One of the largest cities in the world, the capital of Thailand Bangkok, is situated in centeral region.


Eastern Thailand

In the north it reaches the hills, mountains to the west, south reaches Gulf of Thailand and east to the border with Cambodia. Much rugged coastline of the Gulf are bordered by rocky islands and numerous rivers flowing towards south. East Coast is popular primarily because of the resort area in the province of Chon Buri: here is the most popular tourist city of Pattaya and Koh Samet nearby.


Northern Thailand

This area of the country with its mountain ranges and fertile plains is still called by name Lanna, an independent and powerful kingdom that existed here until the second half of 19th century. Chiang Mai, located on the beautiful banks of the Ping River among the local hills surrounded the valley, is located in the heart of the beautiful and picturesque northern regions of Thailand.

Northeastern Thailand

This part of the country is a plateau Korat, located at an altitude of 300 m above sea level. Due to frequent droughts and floods, as well as due to a thin layer of fertile soil, it is the poorest region of the country. Nevertheless, the region, along with central plains is famous for as rice granary of the country, as well as production for export “Jasmine” rice.


Southern Thailand

Islands with lush green tropical vegetation, dazzling beaches fringed with palm trees, coral reefs teeming with a variety of marine flora and fauna, picturesque fishing villages with colorful boats, national parks, forested mountains, waterfalls, historic sites, numerous rubber plantations located near Buddhist temples makes this region very attractive to tourists.


Stay safe and have an amazing time exploring and roaming around “The Land of the Free”. Thailand has a lot to offer so make your excursion plans depending upon which region you want to visit first, so on and so forth.

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