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Chulalongkorn Day in Thailand

Posted on: 14th November 2014

Celebrated in the honor of King Rama V(Chulalongkorn), Chulalongkorn Day is one of the most awaited national holiday throughout Thailand. It was on this day in 1910 that Rama V passed away at an age of just 57 years, he reigned as the king of the nation for 42 years. The king was born in 1853 and took to his reign at a tender age of 16 years, but regardless of this fact his tenure proved to be one of farsightedness and a glimpse of modernization.



King Chulalongkorn was the most admired emperor of Thailand because at the time when major colonial powers such as Portugal, France and Britain were expanding their reign it was due to him that the country remained a sovereign and independent nation. Rama V modernized Thailand in many noteworthy ways, by making provinces & districts for a better administration. It was under his reign that slavery was also abolished and the Lunar calendar which was widely followed was replaced by the Western Calendar. Thailand was earlier known as Siam and was a Buddhist nation but Rama V promoted that all other religions could by practiced without any constraints, not only this but he also started the first railway service, postal & telegraph service improving the countries communication services.



Due to his unmatched popularity even after centuries of him passing away there is at least one memorial dedicated to him in almost every Thai province. It is on this day that these memorial become the center of attraction for everyone, the most prominent of all is the Equestrian Statue, located in the Royal Plaza of Bangkok. The king’s photograph can be seen on the 100 Baht note also.



On this day the Thai people place beautifully decorated wreaths in front of the Equestrian Statue at the Royal Plaza. Some parts of Bangkok owe their creation to him, because it was during his reign that they were built. The areas architectural mix of Thai and European design are still one of the most admired part of all. A large scale celebration takes place only at the Royal plaza, the other memorial witness a relatively smaller scale celebration. If visiting Thailand during this time then be sure to pay your homage to this visionary and be a part of this national event.


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